Radio Repair Service Level Agreements

BearCom offers Radio Repair Service Level Agreements that can ease budget pressures and save thousands of dollars in future service expenses. Simple radio maintenance can lead to substantial savings in repair costs.

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These Agreements Protect Against the Unexpected

Radio Service Level Agreements

Radios and communication system repair covered under the plan can save you thousands in maintenance costs.

You can’t avoid the unwelcome surprises of equipment breakdowns, but you can prevent some of the unexpected expenses. If your radio network is integral to your organization’s operations, then you need a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that gives you a fixed, firm price paid monthly, quarterly or annually. BearCom’s radio services include maintenance and even radio repair.

There’s a vast array of radio network configurations that require varied levels of service support. In response to that need, BearCom offers a three-tiered system of Service Level Agreements to cover a broad range of business requirements. We even offer an expert radio technician maintaining your system once a week.

Here’s What is Included in BearCom’s Service Agreement

The Gold Plan provides:
  • Monday-through-Sunday, 24-hour support with a weekly scheduled half-day on-site technician providing real-time minor accessory repairs for covered subscriber units
  • On-demand and on-site troubleshooting and repair of infrastructure-related communications equipment
  • Board-level failures picked up and delivered to the closest BearCom branch
  • Annual preventive maintenance
The Silver Plan provides:
  • Monday-through-Sunday 8-to-5 support with weekly scheduled pickup and delivery of mobile and portable radio products
  • On-site troubleshooting and repair of infrastructure-related communications equipment
  • Annual preventive maintenance
The Bronze Plan provides:
  • Monday-through-Friday 8-to-5 support with on-demand pickup of mobile and portable radio products
  • On-site troubleshooting and repair of infrastructure-related communications equipment
  • Annual preventive maintenance

When you Have a Repair Need, There are Three Levels

All three plans provide response actions to your breakdown based on three categories of severity.

  • Severity 1 — Catastrophic failures that detrimentally impede operations or jeopardize safety of personnel
  • Severity 2 — Failures that degrade business operations but do not impact safety of personnel
  • Severity 3 — Degraded communications that do not significantly impact business operations or safety of personnel

For Severity Level 1 emergencies, we will speak with the customer contact within 2 hours and have a technician on-site within 4 hours. For Severity Level 2 and 3, it’s the same business day or the next business day. Whether it is immediate radio assistance you need, or regular maintenance on your radio equipment, BearCom’s SLA is the best solution.

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