3M Peltor

3M_black_logo3M Peltor is a world leader in the field of communication equipment. More than 50 years of developing and manufacturing hearing protectors has put the company at the forefront of safety, comfort, and aesthetics. Peltor was created in a spirit of inventiveness and entrepreneurship, and this spirit is still very much present in the organization.

Many of Peltor’s innovations are a direct result of its ability to listen to its users. Their experience and Peltor’s expertise make an unbeatable combination in the endeavor to create secure, stimulating working environments.

As a part of the international 3M Corporation, Peltor has access to the best resources in research and development. Peltor’s customers are professionals in industries such as manufacturing, the military, aviation, forestry, agriculture, and motor sports. The challenge is to offer complete solutions that pay attention to the unique needs and working situation of each individual. By focusing on function and design, Peltor creates advanced, comfortable communication solutions that are attractive to use. Peltor’s products aim not only to protect, but also to facilitate communication between people in a workplace.