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Schools face more challenges than ever to protect students, staff, and assets. Frequently, they are asked to do this with fewer resources. Education communication solutions from BearCom can help enhance safety in schools and campuses. We can show you how to connect administrators, teachers, faculty, and other team members with two-way radios. Two-way radios, like the solid and sleek BC250D and the small, lightweight EVX-S24, improve operating efficiency and enhance campus security.

Improved Communication Means a Safer School Environment

School staff is often stretched across an entire campus. Besides working in the classroom, education professionals supervise bus transportation, cafeterias, recess, practice, extracurricular events, and special programs. For the highest efficiency, administrators, faculty, maintenance, custodial, and grounds care teams need to be in easy contact.

Improved communication leads to a safer school environment. Summoning help faster during an emergency can reduce response time to mitigate danger. In day-to-day situations, staff can immediately report injuries, as well as incidents such as a transportation issues, water leaks, or security concerns.

Two-Way Communication Solutions for Schools and Campuses

With two-way radios, any team member can relay clear information to an individual or a group at the touch of a button. The following wireless systems maintain signal strength and work independently of landline and cellular networks, which makes them the perfect choice for use in schools and campuses:

BearCom BC250D

School employees need an affordable two-way radio that works across large areas, provides crystal clear audio, and maintains battery life for extended periods of time. The BC250D manufactured exclusively for BearCom by Motorola Solutions, sports a high-performance 1 watt speaker (similar analog radios only provide 500mW). So even in the loudest environments, you get superior audio quality. The built-in Emergency Alert and Channel Announce features ensure that staff is notified immediately in the case of an incident.

Motorola Solutions EVX-S24

The EVX-S24 comes in yellow and black in a small, sleek, design ideal for teachers. The EVX-S24 operates in both analog and digital modes, offers 256 channels, an 8-character display, and 4 programmable keys. In digital mode, the EVX-S24 has an emergency alert feature for added safety. It can even be used with existing analog two-way radios. The EVX-S24 meets IP67 standards for high dust and water protection.

Motorola Solutions XPR7550E

Part of the latest generation of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, the XPR7550e is digital/analog interoperable and includes a five-line color display with full keypad. Durability and voice/data functionality make the XPR7550e an excellent choice for maintenance, security, and other highly-mobile and highly active staff members.

In an emergency situation, it’s important to know the exact location of mobile workers. The XPR7550e offers fully integrated WiFi, GPS, indoor location tracking, Bluetooth, Intelligent Audio, enhanced privacy, transmit interrupt, and optional man down safety features.

Motorola Solutions CM200d

The CM200d is a cost-effective mobile radio solution to keep bus drivers and other mobile staff in contact. The CM200d features 16 channels for complete communication flexibility. CM Series mobile radios are engineered to deliver unprecedented quality, value, reliability, ease of use, audio clarity, programmability and range.

Gold-Standard of School Safety: SchoolSAFE & Mutualink

Does your school or district have a communication system fully equipped for a crisis? Are you interested in driving the quickest possible response by communicating directly with police, fire, EMS, and emergency call centers? Are you looking for options to share GPS locations, two-way radio communications, and video?

Firefighter on Stairs

BearCom is proud to offer the comprehensive end-to-end school safety solutions: SchoolSAFE and Mutualink.

SchoolSAFE Communications is a web-enabled two-way radio based solution that allows for communications interoperability between school radio systems and public safety radio systems.

Mutualink offers interoperability across districts, communities, counties, and states that help first responders and security departments keep schools and other facilities safer by securely sharing voice, video and data.

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Schools are safer and more efficient when team members, from administrators to teachers to maintenance to security personnel, can communicate more effectively. BearCom has the wireless communications and technologies that schools need. We understand that education professionals work in a variety of locations and environments and we are ready to meet your unique challenges with proven solutions.

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