FCC Licensing Services for Two-Way Radios

BearCom has a dedicated staff offering complete FCC licensing and frequency management solutions. Our team processes approximately 1000 new FCC licenses with coordinators annually, as well as hundreds of renewals, construction notifications and license modifications.

Is your organization spending too much time interpreting and managing FCC licensing?

Are you running into channel interference from nearby organizations?

Would you benefit from having your two-way radio licensing centralized and archived?



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BearCom Navigates FCC Licensing Services Requirements for You

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BearCom assists with filing FCC licensing, modifications and renewals, as well as construction notifications.

To ensure that our two-way radio customers stay in compliance with FCC regulatory and licensing requirements, our team manages and coordinates filings, changes, renewals, and more. We provide the following FCC licensing services:

  • Work with coordinators to determine frequency availability and submit applications to the FCC.
  • Since FCC processing can take up to 6 months, we provide customers with the coordinator’s filing certification, which allows radio operation during the approval process.
  • Proactively renew licenses when they are set to expire.
  • Modify licensing information as customers grow their fleets, add more frequencies, change locations, update contact information, or add/change emissions designator requests.
  • File construction notifications showing the FCC that the system applied for has been built and installed.
  • Our team archives all of the FCC filings we process for our customers.

Why it Pays to be Compliant

Working with the FCC helps ensure that channel frequencies assigned to your organization are not in conflict with others in your area. On the other hand, ignoring FCC licensing regulations not only increases the chances of interference, it also creates risk. When you’re properly licensed, you have recourse if others overlap with your channel frequencies. If you are not licensed and others complain, you may be forced to cease-and-desist, which can immediately impact both day-to-day and emergency communications.  In addition, the FCC can impose daily fines, which can be extremely expensive.  With BearCom taking care of your FCC licensing, the investment to comply is minimal compared to the risk of breaking the law.


Why Use BearCom

If you’re a BearCom customer, we know your two-way radio system. Plus, with more than 30 years of wireless industry experience, we stay current with regulations and changes. In addition, we work with the best FCC coordinators in the industry, including the Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA).

For additional assistance with your FCC licensing, contact Support Services at 800.458.9887. Or, email: FCCLicensing@BearCom.com