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Industry Solutions: CP200d for Golf Courses

Golf courses need a sturdy, dependable radio that’s just as handy for the groundskeepers trimming the greens as it is for the clubhouse staff serving the steaks. For years, the simplest choice for golf course managers was the CP200 portable two-way radio (walkie-talkie) from Motorola Solutions. A workhorse of business communications worldwide, the CP200 offered a basic, easy-to-learn set of controls and industrial-strength construction. As the wave of digital technology washed over the radio industry .

Industry Solutions: Digital Two-Way Radios in Construction

Rapid advances in mobile devices and wireless networking technology are changing the communications landscape. Companies can install temporary wireless networks and beam Internet connectivity to every nook and cranny of a designated area. That capability comes in especially handy on construction sites, where two-way radios (walkie-talkies) have long been commonplace. Is there still a need for two-way radios in a time when construction professionals can bring their laptops, tablets and smartphones to work and communicate .

For Car Dealerships, the Motorola CP200d is More Than Standard Equipment

Car dealerships cover a lot of ground. New and used cars and trucks along with service bays and the showrooms can sprawl over dozens of acres. It’s not like co-workers are within shouting distance. That’s why two-way radios are such a popular choice for car dealerships. Dealers know exactly how much coverage they need, and they can choose radios designed specifically for their needs. Phones are fine for contacting somebody at a desk, but .

Industry Solutions: MOTOTRBO for Airlines and Airports

Every flight into every airport affects travelers and cargo in other airports. We see it every time a blizzard in Chicago bogs people down for a thousand miles in every direction. That’s why it’s so essential for airports and airlines to have the right tools to maintain a steady flow of travelers, luggage and cargo. Two-way radios are ideal for airports because they sprawl over large, well-defined areas, and airport workers need radios programmed .

Industry Solutions: Motorola XPR7350 for Hospitals

Hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities have come to rely on the real-time capabilities of two-way radios (walkie talkies). The question for many of them today is whether to upgrade to digital radios. Motorola Solutions designed the XPR7350 portable digital radio to make that decision a lot easier. Part of Motorola’s MOTOTRBO line of digital communications gear, the XPR7350 is the entry-level model of the XPR7000 Series. It doesn’t have the keypad or LCD .

Two-Way Radio Review: Motorola SL7550

Sometimes you have to carry a full-featured two-way radio, but you don’t want a bulky device at your side. In such a scenario, the Motorola SL7550 is ideal. It’s thin, stylish and brimming with high-end digital communication features. Part of the MOTOTRBO line from Motorola Solutions, the SL7550 is not much bigger than a smartphone and weighs about half as much as a standard two-way radio. It’s purpose-built for industries in which discretion is a virtue and style .

Two-Way Radio Review: Motorola XPR7550

The Motorola XPR7550 is an advanced data-communication device built into a rugged, industrial-strength two-way radio. The XPR7550 anchors the Motorola Solutions 7000 Series of high-performance two-way radios. They are part of the company’s MOTOTRBO line of digital communication products. It might look like a standard two-way radio at first glance, but closer inspection reveals a broad spectrum of advanced digital features, starting with the keypad and extending to the five-line, full-color LCD screen. What .

Two-Way Radio Review: Motorola XPR7350

The Motorola XPR7350 two-way radio is rugged, powerful and packed with the latest digital communications technology. The XPR7350 is part of Motorola’s 7000 Series of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, which feature technology that brings the digital age to construction sites, oil platforms, distribution centers and just about any other workplace where workers rely on sturdy push-to-talk radios. Among the highlights: GPS tracking — If your people face any kind of on-the-job hazards, from traveling winter .

As the BearCom Bulletin Marks Three Years, We Look Back at Our Most Popular Posts

Three years ago this month, we started this blog, the BearCom Bulletin, to keep you updated on the news coming from BearCom, our partners, and the whole wireless world. In my very first post, I said, “Over the coming weeks and months, it is our intention to use this space to inform, educate, advocate, challenge, and salute. We hope to do so in a way that will enlighten and, at least occasionally, entertain you.” That .