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Equipping a Golf Course Staff with Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios (walkie-talkies) are must-have tools for golf course workers, who know better than to rely on spotty cell phone coverage. A course warden depends on having a radio to call the groundskeepers to clear out branches blown down in overnight storms. Course pros, bartenders and restaurant staff also rely on radios to streamline customer service. At BearCom, we recommend that golf course managers equip their staffs with basic, industrial-strength radios like the CP200d from .

BearCom Named to Motorola Solutions’ Empower Circle for Best-in-Class Partners

BearCom takes special pride in the relationship we enjoy with Motorola Solutions, so it was especially rewarding when our largest partner named BearCom to its Empower Circle. The industry leader in two-way radios this year designated 101 companies for the Empower Circle, which recognizes Motorola’s best-in-class partners around the world. Representatives from Motorola and executives with the Empower Circle partners are set to meet soon for five days. While they are to discuss how .

Two-Way Radios Play a Role as Construction Industry Builds Momentum

The construction industry is on a roll, according to experts who project construction starts will be up 9% this year, on top of last year’s 5% gain. The biggest increases in activity will be in single-family housing, commercial building, and multifamily housing. Getting all that construction work done as efficiently and safely as possible will take top-floor communications capabilities, and that’s where two-way radios come in. Two-way radios have long been popular tools on .

When Vintage Locomotive Lost Power, It Was BearCom to the Rescue

I’m not the only superhero here at BearCom. We’ve got people with amazing levels of experience and expertise in two-way radios and other wireless solutions who every day solve complex and unusual challenges for customers. One of my personal BearCom superheroes is Product & Purchasing Manager Hugh Johnston, who recently told me about how he helped restore power to the mobile two-way radio in an unusual vehicle: a steam locomotive built in 1896. “My .

New CP200d Two-Way Radio from Motorola Solutions Combines Simplicity, Durability, and Digital Technology

What do you do when you have one of the most popular two-way radios ever produced in the Motorola CP200? If you’re Motorola Solutions, you make it better. And that’s what happened with the introduction this week of the Motorola CP200d. By bringing a digital option to one of the most popular talk-and-listen radios on the market, Motorola continues to add to its rapidly expanding MOTOTRBO line. Introduced in 2007, it has grown to .

Vertex Standard’s New EVX-531 Digital Radios Shined at Presidential Inauguration

At BearCom, we know all about how two-way radios make large events easier to manage, more enjoyable to attend, and safer for all. We’ve helped some truly high-profile events with two-way radio rentals. So it’s with that experience that we tip our hats today to our partners at Vertex Standard. Vertex Standard’s New Digital Radios A new case study from Vertex Standard details how its eVerge EVX-531 portable digital radios were used by Red .