BearCom’s Two-Way Radio Partners Announce New Products at IWCE

The wireless industry takes its latest technologies to the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), and this year was no exception as Motorola Solutions and Icom America both arrived in Las Vegas with new products.

Motorola Solutions used IWCE, the wireless industry’s largest annual gathering, to announce the introduction of its APX1000 and APX4000XE portable radios, as well as the mobile APX Dual radio. That brings to 13 the number of Astro 25 radios in the APX portfolio.

The Motorola APX1000 is a smaller, more affordable portable radio intended for use by workers in utilities, public works, and smaller public safety organizations. Its P25 TDMA capabilities open the door to advanced features and extended battery life. The Motorola APX4000XE is intended for public safety agencies seeking a cost-effective portable that will perform in harsh environments. It also is P25 TDMA capable with an ergonomic control top for ease of use.

The APX Dual radio is also designed for public safety use, with dual- and single-priority scan technology. In an announcement, Brenda Herold, Motorola Solutions’ Vice President for Global ASTRO Products & Solutions, said, “Every feature and function on these ASTRO 25 radios is designed with users in mind, from the rugged, easy-to-operate design, to the loudest, clearest audio. The end result is a robust series of radios providing the right device for the right user in every situation.”

Motorola also announced the availability of its Real-Time Crime Center starter kit, which it said will help municipalities enhance their situational awareness and predicting policing efforts. “The Real-Time Crime Center solution takes inputs from multiple data sources—such as video, sensors, alarms, and computer-aided dispatch (CAD)—and records and combines them with data analytics and mission-critical radio networks to deliver one, unified operational view,” the company said. “The starter kit will utilize Motorola’s Real-Time Intelligence Console as the backbone for a system that will integrate video and other solutions with an agency’s existing system—including dispatch platforms—to help identify and distribute information to first responders.”

Also at IWCE, Icom America introduced its latest offerings in IP radios, including the new license-free IP100H and the VE-PG3. Icom said, “The IP100H communication terminal is used in conjunction with an IP controller and remote communicator. The device is compact, waterproof, and features vibration alert for incoming calls.” The company added, “Icom’s new IP-based solution is user friendly and includes encryption via wireless LAN protocols. With the VE-PG3 RoIP gateway, the IP advanced radio system can interconnect with IP phones and transceivers.”

IWCE attracts more than 7,500 technology buyers working in government, public safety, transportation, utilities, and other industries. More than 300 exhibitors fill the Las Vegas Convention Center exhibit hall to showcase their latest products and services. The Expo also offers an extensive conference program, as well as networking events.

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