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Performance, comfort, and ease-of- use to get the job done right.
Zebra TechnologiesHigh-performance scanners from Zebra Technologies allow workers to capture data faster and more accurately. Whether you need barcode scanning on a manufacturing production line, in the aisles of your warehouse, at the retail point of sale, or at a patient’s bedside, Zebra Technologies scanners are the perfect fit for your environment and your application.

Zebra’s advanced technology scanning captures virtually any barcode in a split second — whether it is displayed on the screen of a mobile phone or printed on a label that is dirty or damaged.

LI2208You can easily create full-featured applications because the Zebra Software Development Kit (SDK) for scanners is available for Windows, Android, and iOS. Depending on which Zebra scanner you use, in addition to capturing barcode data, the SDK can enable you to capture images, control the beeper and LEDs, easily set parameters, upgrade firmware, and more.

Zebra General Purpose Scanners

DS2200 Series
Affordable 1D/2D imager that offers performance and affordability. DS2208

  • Pre-configured and ready-to-use right out of the box
  • Easy to deploy and manage, backwards compatible with LS2208 series cables
  • Excellent for point-of-sale, auto-host detect cables reduce set-up time

Corded DS2208 model, cordless DS2278 model (bluetooth)

Spec Sheet for DS2200 Series Scanners

Series Performance, innovation, and manageability to read virtually any 1D/2D barcode in any condition. DS8108

  • Combines powerful 800 MHz microprocessor, high-resolution megapixel sensor and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM technology
  • Can capture multiple barcodes simultaneously and scan invisible Digimarc watermarks
  • Added scanning range up to 24 inches with a high resolution sensor and bright aiming spot
  • Longer battery charge in the cordless DC8178 delivers up to 24 hours of use

Corded DS8108, cordless DS8178 (bluetooth). Healthcare HC models offer progressive housing to protect against bacteria, resist harsh disinfectants, and provide night mode/vibrate to avoid disturbing patients.

Spec Sheet for DS8100 Series Scanners

DS6700 Series
Multi-use device captures 1D/2D bar codes, and serves as a digital camera and document scanner. DS6707

  • Eliminates the need to purchase, manage, and support additional devices such as digital cameras and separate barcode scanners for different symbologies
  • 1.3 megapixel high-resolution camera delivers the document clarity required for electronic recordkeeping and compliance – even captures very small print
  • Reads and decodes 1D, 2D, PDF417, and postal barcodes – pick list function expands capabilities

Available in Standard Range (SR) and Document Capture (DC) focus.

Spec Sheet for DS6700 Series Scanners

Scan any 1D or 2D barcode farther and faster with next-generation technology. DS4308

  • Capture virtually any barcode printed on a label or displayed on a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Soft light emission and small, lightweight, ergonomic design deliver all-day comfort for workers
  • Megapixel sensor provides required resolution for longer-distance scanning, clear photos, sharp signatures, and more accurate OCR data

Standard Range (SR) model offers extraordinary range. HD model scans standard barcodes as well as the tiny, dense barcodes commonly found on jewelry tags, consumer electronics, and electronic components. Models available for Presentation (P), Extra Heavy Duty (XD), and Healthcare (HC).

Spec Sheet for DS4308 Series Scanners

General use cordless bluetooth 2D imager. DS6878

  • Captures all common barcodes (1D, 2D, and PDF417) on labels as well as on mobile phone displays
  • Exceptional motion tolerance for extraordinary scanning speed on all bar codes – even captures poor quality and damaged barcodes
  • Durable design survives 6-foot drops to concrete to ensure reliable, long-term operation

Optional hands-free presentation cradle (P model) enables advanced capabilities including: capturing signatures, documents, and photographs; optical character recognition (OCR) for document text; and MICR to capture numeric information on the bottom of checks.

Healthcare (HC) model with hygienic design that includes IP43 sealing and specially selected plastics that utilize proprietary molding technologies.

Spec Sheet for DS6878 Series Scanners

DS4800 Series
Elite performance, elegantly crafted with greater reliability and functionality. DS4800

  • Combines sophistication and strength in an arc design with a grip and trigger position that maximizes comfort
  • Capture any 1D and 2D barcode printed on a paper label or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone
  • Customizable design is ideal for retail branding – can overprint with décor or logo, plus create a unique scan tone as a differentiator

Spec Sheet for DS4800 Scanners

Hands-free cordless bluetooth or corded 1D/2D scanning imager provides maximum flexibility, comfort, functionality, and performance. RS507

  • Superior ergonomics provide unparalleled user comfort in high-scan environments
  • Unmatched rugged design in a magnesium chassis ensures reliable operation in the most demanding conditions
  • Patent-pending fast-pulse illumination and fast sensor shutter speed with outstanding motion tolerance enable barcode decoding at a full 60 frames per second

Pairs easily with most Zebra Mobile Computers, allowing extended hands-free cordless scanning. Available in a corded model. Triggerless model eliminates a substantial amount of thumb usage.

Spec Sheet for RS507 Hand-Free Ring Scanner

Healthcare wireless bluetooth enterprise-class 1D/2D scanner for pocket, lanyard, carts, and more. CS4070HC

  • Enables barcode scanning at patient bedside to prevent deadly errors in medication, treatment, and specimen collection
  • One press of the dedicated pairing button instantly connects the CS4070-HC to bluetooth-enabled in-room computers, workstations-on-wheels (WOWs), tablets, and more
  • No need to disturb a sleeping patient – includes omni-directional scanning, do-not-disturb mode, and worker choice of color indicator, vibration, or tone decode

Special Healthcare (HC) designation includes IP52 sealing and a specially designed disinfectant-ready housing that allows safe wipe-down to help prevent the spread of germs. (SR model available that is non-HC.)

Spec Sheet for CS4070-HC Scanner

Zebra Technologies Rugged Scanners

DS3508 Series
Rugged corded 1D/2D digital scanners capture bar codes and images with extraordinary speed. DS3508

  • Engineered with breakthrough digital imaging technology for high performance data capture in harsh industrial environments
  • IP65-rated sealing is impervious to dust and water, exit window is scratch-resistant and recessed for high durability
  • Patent-pending fast-pulse illumination and fast sensor shutter speed with outstanding motion tolerance enables barcode decoding at a full 60 frames per second

Three models:

  • DS3508-SR: Standard 1D and 2D barcode scanning and image capture
  • DS3508-HD: Optimized for precision 2D capture – even tiny and dense barcodes
  • DS3508-DP: Comprehensive IUID-enabled scanner with support for 1D, 2D and Direct Part Mark (DPM) barcodes

Spec Sheet for DS3508 Scanners

Zebra Technologies Ultra-Rugged Scanners

DS3608-SR and DS3678-SR
Unstoppable performance for standard range 1D/2D barcode capture. DS3608

  • The most indestructible design with the highest drop, tumble and sealing specification in its class
  • Dustproof and waterproof to IP67 — can be sprayed down with jetting water and even submersed for up to 30 minutes
  • Built to handle extreme cold, heat, and more
  • Multi-code captures, processes up to 20 barcodes simultaneously

Corded DS3608-SR model.
Cordless DS3678-SR model offers go anywhere rugged cradle with IP65 sealing. Bluetooth 4.0 delivers lightning-fast wireless communication and maximum energy efficiency. Zebra’s Wi-Fi Friendly Mode eliminates the wireless interference that bluetooth devices can create in Wi-Fi environment.

Spec Sheet for DS3608_DS3678 Scanners

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