Video Surveillance Solutions

Protect people and property with end-to-end video solutions that include network management and advanced analytics.

From petrochemical facilities, manufacturing plants, and convention centers … to schools, hospitals, and hotels … to public facilities and law enforcement, BearCom has a proven history designing and deploying video surveillance systems. Our experts in the field will assess your infrastructure needs and suggest strategies to extend the reach of your security personnel as they work hard to safeguard visitors, staff, and guests. BearCom’s comprehensive video surveillance security solutions offer you access to the best products, software, hardware, and services in the industry.

State-of-the-Art Solutions
BearCom’s wide range of offerings include cameras, sensors, encoders, monitoring equipment, dispatch consoles, and accessories; as well as high-efficiency solutions for infrastructure, analytics and video network management, as well as storage and control.

Latest Camera Technologies:

  • World’s highest megapixel cameras deliver high-quality imaging with maximum coverage.
  • High Definition Stream Management™ technology can preserve video image integrity while also managing bandwidth.
  • Avigilon Control Center™ software pinpoints scene changes or missing objects.
  • 360-degree 4K cameras capture video in both 360 degrees and first-person point-of-view (POV) modes. The technology also lets you shoot, edit, and share videos in 90 seconds or less, making it truly ahead of its time.

Partners You Can Rely On

As an Authorized Enterprise Partner for Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company, BearCom is proud to offer the latest in video surveillance systems and solutions. Avigilon images are so precise and clear, many facilities can use far fewer cameras to cover the same area, which dramatically reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). In addition to high-definition cameras, Avigilon provides end-to-end security surveillance solutions including video analytics, network video management software, and access control.

BearCom also carries multiple pan-tilt-zoom and fixed IP video surveillance cameras from Sony, Panasonic, and 360fly. Cameras can be integrated into a wireless mesh broadband network, which often dramatically reduces installation costs and increases mobility. Whatever your security needs, BearCom has the resources and expertise to meet your safety goals, within your budget.

Technology Building Smarter Cities and Safer Facilities

A smart city uses information and communication technologies to improve efficiency.  Advanced technology, like video surveillance, can be used in transportation, public safety, and security programs to optimize your city’s operations.

For transportation, a 360-camera can be used for ride services, where dispatch can get real-time updates from any vehicle. It can even be used on busses, where for example, facial recognition can identify students during check in/out, and relay alerts if anything is out of place.

Video surveillance can also be used to improve situational awareness and safety for first responders. Body cameras can be placed on police officers to not only capture what they are facing, but also what is happening in their periphery, so nothing gets over-looked.

San Fernando Improves Public Safety

The San Fernando Police Department in California called on BearCom to deploy a comprehensive video surveillance system. This system established what the city refers to as “virtual patrols” that are designed to keep the public and officers safer. The department worked closely with BearCom for engineering, deployment, and on-going service. The end result is what officials call a “25-year-low in crime” throughout the city.

Shopping Mall Protects People and Property

Ohio County West Virginia turned to BearCom to deploy seven-camera wireless video surveillance solution at the one-million-square-foot Highlands retail complex. The system helps keep shoppers and shopkeepers safer, and also allows property administrators to use split screen control to monitor ongoing construction sites and keep a watchful eye on the nearby Ohio River flood markings.

School District Saves Money

BearCom built and continues to service a robust video surveillance network for La Mirada Unified School District in Los Angeles County. This system saves significant money by deterring vandalism and graffiti that damages property, while also reducing theft of equipment and other physical assets. All video is fed to a central command center at the Administration Building.

For Additional Examples of BearCom Surveillance Camera Deployments.

Specialty Surveillance Solutions

Body Cameras
As an extension of the high-performing Motorola Solutions two-radios, the Si500 combines a body-worn camera, remote speaker microphone, and smart interface in a single device. This all-in-one solution combines voice communications, body worn video, still images and emergency alerting into one compact and easy-to-use unit. Use it to record video clips and still images, witness and suspect interviews, and even audio notes about an incident.

Optical Gas Imaging for the Petrochemical Industry
Workers in the oil and gas industry often operate in hazardous environments highly infused with flammable natural gas. Because of this, strict safety measures must be maintained at every stage of production and distribution to prevent injuries, fire, explosions, or environmental disasters.

BearCom offers Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Cameras that can see and record what is not visible to the human eye or thermal cameras. OGI cameras can be used in multiple locations to ensure team safety and help avoid lost resources. To improve remote monitoring and reduce the number of on-site observers, these cameras can be deployed in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Stationary pole in highly regulated environments
  • Truck/trailer mounted for mobile pipeline inspections
  • By drone for aerial observation that makes site access easier, faster, safer

BearCom works with top-flight partner companies to present an exciting airborne surveillance eco-system. We provide commercial-grade Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and everything needed to support commercial enterprises and law enforcement agencies. In the air, we offer the airframe, flight control computers, and power tether systems for uninterrupted missions. On the ground, we provide State-of-the-Art station software, fiber fed drone-based antenna systems for ground-based communications equipment, and a unique mobile support vehicle.

BearCom offers IP Video Surveillance camera solutions from:

  • Avigilon (Motorola)
  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • 360fly

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