BearCom Introduces the BC250D Digital Two-Way Radio!

bearcom-bc250d-two-way-radioDigital Two-Way Radio! With Advanced Features, and Digital/Analog

December 5, 2016 Dallas, TX—BearCom, the nation’s largest provider of wireless two-way communications equipment and solutions, announced today the introduction of the new BC250D digital two-way portable radio. This unique radio is manufactured exclusively for BearCom by Vertex Standard.

The BC250D allows a seamless migration from analog to digital because of a Mixed Mode scan feature that allows scanning between analog and digital channels. The unit features high quality audio, 16 UHF channels, compact design, durability, and ease-of-operation.

“Two-way radio migration from analog to digital is essential to enhance communications performance,” said BearCom’s Product & Purchasing Manager, Hugh Johnston. “Digital advantages include enhanced voice quality with greater coverage range, extended battery life and twice the capacity of analog radios. Thebc250d-two-way-radio-restaurant BC250 offers the best advantages of both worlds with digital/analog interoperability.”

With exceptional audio clarity and high-value features that digital offers, the new BC250D is a game-changer for commercial, industrial, education, and many other organizations. In addition to Mixed Mode functionality between analog and digital channels, Direct Mode enables users to have two communication paths on a single frequency.

In addition, the BC250D comes with Emergency Alert and Channel Announce features to add safety and priority communications functionality. BearCom is pleased to offer the advanced performance BC250D radio at a suggested introductory list price of only $279.

For more information on the BC250D, contact BearCom at 800.527.1670.bc250d-two-way-radio-security


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