A Wireless Wish List for Santa

Santa's sleigh and present in chimney

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s a good time to look at some of the most attractive products from the top manufacturers of wireless communications gear.

Here’s a look at great gift possibilities across all the industries we serve at BearCom.

Airlines and airports

Ramp crews and private pilots alike prefer a portable two-way radio purpose-built for aviation. A great fit is the IC-A6 from Icom, which features simple one-handed operation and “flip-flop” channel recall and 200 memory channels.

Automobile dealers

Car dealers need a reliable, economical radio that’s easy to use and doesn’t take much trouble to train their staff. They can’t go wrong with the Motorola CP200d, a reliable mainstay of business radio around the globe.

Construction firms

Construction sites rely on eye-in-the-sky cameras for surveillance. Construction bosses will be grateful for Panasonic’s high-definition WV-SW396A security camera, which features 360-degree pan-tilt-zoom style and a 36X optical zoom with 12X digital zoom.

Educational institutions

A remote call box might hog all the space under the tree, but it can be a huge boon for a large school campus. A call box essentially fixes a two-way radio in one spot, allowing instant communications in emergencies and immediate tracking of the incident location.

Events and venues

High-tech light shows and complex sound systems have to be put up and taken down with clockwork precision. A sophisticated walkie talkie like the MOTOTRBO XPR6550 is a great choice for event planners and staff thanks to its 160 channels, integrated GPS modem, one-touch calling and quick text messaging.

Federal government entities

Federal agents out on the road need a radio that will communicate to all the local jurisdictions they deal with. One great solution is Icom America’s P25-capable IC-F1721D mobile radio for cars and trucks, which features built-in multiple tone and signaling capacity, and an optional voice scrambler.

Golf courses

Ground crews running mowers or leaf blowers need a headset designed to protect their ears and their vital communications. They’ll be glad to unwrap the PMLN5275 by Motorola, which provides 24db of noise reduction and is compatible with a wide range of Motorola XPR Series radios.

Healthcare facilities

Nursing staff working with radios need the hands-free capability of a custom headset designed specifically for their radio. One economical option is the PMLN6537 by Motorola, which features the Mag One ear set with boom microphone, and an inline push-to-talk and VOX switch.

Hospitality firms

Front desk staff at hotels and mom-and-pop owners of bed-and-breakfast inns will appreciate a sleek, lightweight radio minus the bulk of the models police officers and firefighters carry. They’ll get all that and more with Motorola’s SL7550, which features Intelligent Audio to automatically adjust the radio volume according to the environment’s noise level, and a large LED screen with navigation that’s much like a cellphone.

Manufacturing and warehousing operations

A wireless mesh network might be too big for the average Christmas stocking, but the equipment — a network of wireless routers — can be a huge boon to production and storage operations, especially as more companies tap into the Internet of Things.

Oil and gas exploration and drilling firms

Point-to-point bridges are like industrial strength WLAN routers, enabling companies to beam high-speed Internet from one site to another — perfect for oil platforms or drilling sites that are within range.

Petrochemical refineries

Refineries have a wealth of combustible gases that require intrinsically safe electronics that will not spark explosions. A highly capable option is Motorola’s XPR6580, which has an intrinsically safe option and is highly weatherproof and dustproof.

Property management firms

Agents showing apartments and plumbers fixing leaky drains are grateful for basic, thrifty radios that don’t bog them down with a bunch of features they don’t need. They’ll be pleased with the practical BC100 walkie talkie, built by Icom America specifically for BearCom.

Public safety organizations

Police, firefighters and EMS crews — we think of them as heroes, but they think of themselves as people who appreciate having the best tools for a tough job. That’s where the Motorola APX series of radios comes in. Built specifically for first-responders, APX radios have advanced digital capabilities and are built tough to withstand all kinds of weather and abuse.

Religious institutions

Church camps and Sunday Schools require coordination withbasic, economical radios. Staff will be thankful for the BPR40 from Motorola, which provides up to eight channels and two programmable buttons for easy use and versatility.

Retail stores

Motorola’s CLP series of two-way radios for retailers looks more like a fashion accessory than a communication device, but they have a full range of features to allow retail staff to deliver top-notch customer service. Every clerk will want one this year.

Security operations

Security staff can feel like they’re geared up for a James Bond flick with an SPM-2303 surveillance kit from Pryme. The SPM-2303 is a two-wire, low-profile, rugged lapel surveillance kit with an in-line microphone, Kevlar-reinforced cabling and earbuds with semi-custom ear molds.


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