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Two-Way Radio Rentals: The Push-to-Talk Phone Option

Fifth in a series When you buy that new cellphone, within weeks something familiar happens: a new generation of phones arrives on the market with more power and better features. When you’re looking for push-to-talk phones for business use, that let-down feeling can be avoided when you rent push-to-talk phones rather than buy them. Another attraction is that BearCom deals with all the fine print in the service-provider contracts and handles all the complexities of .

Two-Way Radios Help Public Events Run Smoothly and Safely

Summer is fast approaching, and with it the busy season for public events. Did you know that more than 1.8 million meetings and events are held each year in the United States, resulting in $280 billion in spending? Wireless technology has impacted the events industry in a major way for years, and two-way radios remain its communications device of choice. The push-to-talk convenience of the two-way radio and its one-to-many communications capabilities make it possible for people to .