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Industry Solutions: Motorola XPR7350 for Hospitals

Hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities have come to rely on the real-time capabilities of two-way radios (walkie talkies). The question for many of them today is whether to upgrade to digital radios. Motorola Solutions designed the XPR7350 portable digital radio to make that decision a lot easier. Part of Motorola’s MOTOTRBO line of digital communications gear, the XPR7350 is the entry-level model of the XPR7000 Series. It doesn’t have the keypad or LCD .

Two-Way Radio Review: Motorola XPR7550

The Motorola XPR7550 is an advanced data-communication device built into a rugged, industrial-strength two-way radio. The XPR7550 anchors the Motorola Solutions 7000 Series of high-performance two-way radios. They are part of the company’s MOTOTRBO line of digital communication products. It might look like a standard two-way radio at first glance, but closer inspection reveals a broad spectrum of advanced digital features, starting with the keypad and extending to the five-line, full-color LCD screen. What .