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A Wireless Wish List for Santa

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s a good time to look at some of the most attractive products from the top manufacturers of wireless communications gear. Here’s a look at great gift possibilities across all the industries we serve at BearCom. Airlines and airports Ramp crews and private pilots alike prefer a portable two-way radio purpose-built for aviation. A great fit is the IC-A6 from Icom, which features simple one-handed operation and .

Radio Accessories, Part 2: Headsets and Earpieces

Second of five parts Being able to hold a two-way radio in your hand goes from awesome to annoying the minute you start doing a chore that requires free use of your hands. That’s why earpieces and headsets are such popular accessories for two-way radio users. They set the hands free. A great way to explore these accessories is to walk through the features of an existing model. For instance, Motorola Solutions makes a .