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Two-Way Radios and the Digital Oilfield

It’s easy to picture oilfield workers staying in touch via two-way radios if the nearest cell tower is a hundred miles away. It’s not so easy to visualize the sophisticated data-communication networks that keep today’s oilfields safe and productive. A recent white paper from Motorola Solutions notes that an oil rig can generate a terabyte of data in a single day — enough to fill 20 high-resolution Blu-ray DVDs. These data demands illustrate the .

Battery Maintenance Tips

If you own only a few two-way radios and don’t use them all that much, you might not fret about your batteries: Just buy some extras and a charger, and you’re pretty much set. But as your radio fleet gets bigger, you really need to pay attention to your batteries. If your radios number in the dozens, hundreds or even higher, batteries can become a significant cost center. Squeezing the most life out of .

Radio Accessories, Part 1: Batteries and Chargers

First of five parts Radio manufacturers usually provide basic batteries and chargers, which do a fine job as long as the radios don’t get a lot of use. Active users of two-way radios, however, soon find they need more charging capacity and more versatile, longer-lasting batteries. Fortunately, radio manufacturers and several aftermarket companies offer plenty of ways to turbocharge your power capacity. Chargers A single charger can restore the battery of a single radio, .