Wireless and Mobile Network Solutions

Systems Engineering, Design, and Testing

Whether you’re interested in implementing a wireless LAN that reaches the far corners of your facility or campus, or you’re looking to roll out a voice-over-IP platform, or you need a Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) for two-radio coverage in a stairwell or underground tunnel, BearCom is equipped to engineer and implement a wireless and mobile network solution that will meet or exceed your needs while working within your budget.

During the initial planning phase, our team will consult with your BearCom representative and directly with you, in order to choose the correct technologies and partners to construct your custom technology solution. While most systems require the use of technologies from several different manufacturers, BearCom’s Professional Services Group is vendor agnostic, and we will research the various available technologies and manufacturers to provide the best and most cost-effective wireless options.

Custom Engineered Solutions

For more than 30 years, BearCom has successfully engineered and implemented a number of integrated wireless solutions:

  • Bi-Directional Amplifiers & Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Campus-sized wireless mesh networks
  • IP-based remote monitoring and security systems
  • Large-scale VoIP integrations
  • Public safety emergency communications systems

We have also produced a variety of unique, custom-designed applications, such as QuickSite. This mobile, highly sophisticated solution is perfect for re-establishing communications after a natural or man-made disaster and can also be used for non-emergency communications in remote locations.

No matter what your communications need, BearCom has—or can design and develop—an effective, affordable wireless solution for you. Find out more about our various wireless communications solutions and how they can benefit your organization: