Radio Communication Equipment Preventive Maintenance

When radio communication equipment faces daily assaults from dust, water, heat and more in tough environments, a preventive radio maintenance plan improves performance and saves money while protecting your investment. This means that your two-way radios and other radio equipment will last much longer.

Are you looking to extend the life of your two-way radio equipment and wireless network?

Do your radios typically get a considerable amount of wear and tear?

Would you prefer proactive check-ups and tune-ups to prevent two-way radio downtime and failures?



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Reduce Expensive Radio Repairs with Preventive Maintenance

Radio Communication Equipment Preventive Maintenance

Make your radio communication equipment last longer using BearCom’s preventive maintenance program.

You depend on your communication system. Keep it dependable with a preventive maintenance program from BearCom. A plan can be developed for any combination of portable radios, mobile radios, and repeaters, even if they are analog or digital. So if your setup is diverse in radio accessories and equipment, we can still get the job done!

Agreements are for a one-year term and maintenance can be performed annually or semi-annually.

Maintenance Positively Affects Your Radio Equipment

Keeping radio equipment and supporting radio systems functioning at peak-performance requires regular maintenance, much like a car requires a regular oil-change. BearCom’s preventative maintenance has four key benefits:

  • Keeping equipment in top condition
  • Extending service life and saving money
  • Ensuring your fleet is operating within manufacturer specs and remaining compliant with FCC regulations.
  • Reducing uncertainty and removing guesswork

BearCom Will Maintain Your Two-way Radios, Radio Repeaters, and Other Equipment

Maintaining your complete system is BearCom’s Goal. Under a preventative maintenance plan, all of your radios and equipment will be physically cleaned, checked, and settings optimized for performance. Here are some of the performed services provided under preventative maintenance:

  • Physically inspect the equipment
  • Remove dust and foreign substances inside and out
  • Measure, record, test, tune, align and restore to factory specifications and within FCC regulations
  • Ensure correct receiving and transmitting frequencies
  • Evaluate battery condition and service life
  • Check reflected power in the antenna lines of mobile radios and repeaters
  • Recalibrate equipment to original parameters based on your programming
  • Upgrade with the most current firmware

You can send radio equipment to BearCom to undergo maintenance, or you could even have a radio technician come to you. You can choose maintenance once or twice a year, depending on how much wear and tear your radios see and how mission-critical your wireless communication equipment is. In addition to physical maintenance, BearCom also offers full system wireless monitoring. This keeps your communication network up and running at top-notch performance.

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