Radio Installation & Communication Systems Deployment

If you depend on two-way radio communication for your operations, then it only makes sense to have a trusted and experienced technician perform your radio installation and communication systems deployment. This means that your system is up sooner with less hassle.

Do you have the resources and expertise needed to install a communications network?

Do you know if your network meets standards for safety and reliability?

Are you committed to getting the best return on your investment?



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Put Your Mind at Ease with BearCom’s Trusted Radio Installation and Communication Systems Deployment

radio installation and communication systems installation

Let Bearcom’s trusted technicians be responsible for your radio installation and communication systems deployment.

A communications system can be a very important investment. Because of this, it is imperative that you get top-level performance and maximum return of investment. Not sure what equipment you might need?-Check out our wireless solutions consultation! BearCom offers extensive knowledge and professional equipment and radio installment to help make that dream a reality.

To take the burden off your team and speed a successful launch, our technicians can handle every aspect of installation while testing each system component to resolve issues before go-live. You can rest assured that radios, repeaters, cabling, headsets, antennas, and other accessories operate as they should and provide the performance you expect.

We’ll take care of the FCC Regulations and Other Radio Compliance

BearCom performs and double checks all of our installation procedures to ensure full compliance with R56 Standards so that racks, antennas and other gear are protected from lightning strikes, power surges and other electrical anomalies. However, accidents do happen, so be sure to ask about an extended warranty. In addition to this, BearCom will also double check your FCC compliance when it comes to the frequency of your radio communications. This added care helps prevent damage to your equipment and provides added peace of mind to protect your staff and property.

Partner with BearCom for Professional Equipment and Installation

The BearCom Technical Services Group is staffed by more than 100 experienced, factory-trained wireless technicians, so the on-site installation team has all the support they need if unexpected issues arise. When the BearCom installation crew arrives at your site, our goal is for the operation to be as close as possible to plug and play.

BearCom can set programming and run system tests in a controlled staging area before shipping components to you. Our radio repair and installation facilities have all of the testing equipment and resources needed to check performance and capacity to ensure that the products live up to your expectations. This means a more efficient and quick deployment!

Increase Communication Efficiency with BearCom’s Installation and Systems Deployment

Once our technicians have performed the equipment and communications system installation, we’ll confirm that the system provides all the coverage, capacity, applications and performance possible. If there are issues, we’ll work with you to get them resolved as quickly as possible.

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