Extended Warranties for your Wireless Communication Equipment

Adding extended warranty coverage on your wireless communication equipment increases peace of mind while making it easier and less expensive to keep equipment in top condition, improve performance, and elongate service life.

Does your organization rely on two-way radios to stay connected?

Do you need to keep your repair budget under control?

Do you need a warranty that is simple to understand and easy to use for added peace-of-mind?



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Protect Your Equipment in the Long-Run with an Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

A Bearcom extended warranty gives you access to our top notch technical support.

You depend on wireless communication technology to improve efficiency and ensure safety. None of that can happen if your two-way radios are down and repairs are delayed by budget concerns, which is why it is important to have a long-term solution.

BearCom offers warranties for up to three years beyond factory warranties. Along with this added protection, you’ll have access to a Technical Services Group that is staffed by more than 100 experienced, factory-trained wireless technicians located across the nation. This means that BearCom’s extended warranty is the perfect, cost-effective, solution for long-term protection.

An Extended Warranty can Save You Money

Extended Warranties helps protect your radio communications investment. That’s especially important if you have a large fleet of two-way radios, repeaters, and other radio accessories. You need the entire system up-and-running at all times to keep your organization operating at peak efficiency.

With a BearCom warranty, you essentially lock in a large portion of your repair expenses, making it much easier to estimate and control your equipment budget since it is under warranty. BearCom wants you to be a customer for life, and is committed to helping you sustain products that last.

What Does it Cover?

A warranty is designed to pay the costs of repairing defects that happened during manufacturing, usually for one year. Extending protection expands the time frame of coverage on your communication system equipment. The coverage starts when the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Coverage Provides:

  • Testing and restoring the equipment to manufacturer’s factory settings
  • Reprogramming equipment to original operating parameters based on your template or a backup diskette if you can provide one
  • Cleaning the external housing of the equipment

If you use our designated delivery service, BearCom also pays for your inbound and return shipping charges.

Some pieces of Radio Equipment do not Offer an Extended Warranty

Some products are not cost-efficient to repair, so they are not included in our extended warranties offered. Examples of wireless technologies for communication include: portable remote speaker microphones, mobile external speakers, portable chargers, and mobile antennas. When these types of products malfunction after the manufactures warranty, it is cheaper to buy new ones, than to get them repaired.

To learn more, call BearCom at 800.449.5695 or email Service.Repair@BearCom.com

BearCom Extended Warranty Brochure