Customized Communication Systems Consulting

During a BearCom business consultation, a ‘blueprint’ will be created for to fit your communication needs.  Throughout a consultation, an experienced Technical Service associate will provide a plan for the best coverage, radio equipment, and radio accessories. A customized communication system, tailored to your business needs, will be the result.

Is your wireless communications system up-to-date and doing all it can for you?

Do you need to improve your wireless communications?

Are you confused by all the options and looking for help?

Are you ready to find a fully-compliant solution that’s just right for you?



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BearCom Offers Unprecedented Consultation and Knowledge


Consult with BearCom and find out what communication system will meet your business needs.

BearCom, the largest Motorola Solutions two-way radio dealer and integrator in the world, can offer you a wealth of experience and resources you just won’t find with other dealers. You’ll be served by the BearCom Technical Services Group, which is staffed by more than 100 experienced, factory-trained wireless technicians located across the nation. There are many types of communication systems available, and the wireless technician can find the right wireless system for you.

If you have specialized needs, the BearCom team includes highly skilled system architects and technology engineers who can develop complex solutions for environments requiring advanced wireless radio networks. To achieve full coverage in challenging areas, we also have proven experience deploying bi-directional amplifiers and directional antenna equipment. During a consultation, a technician will be able to foresee possible faults in coverage and efficacy, preventing issues upon before they even happen.

A Consultation with BearCom can Provide Priceless Information and Plans

Through site walks, document and technical reviews, meetings, and other information-gathering techniques, BearCom can evaluate your system and recommend the most effective plan for improving its performance.

BearCom will:

  • Evaluate coverage, bandwidth, capacity requirements and feature sets
  • Identify licensing and other regulatory requirements
  • Determine power specifications
  • Prepare coverage maps
  • Design and specify a system that best meets your operational requirements
  • Develop a statement of work and proposal
  • Review all documents and plans with you before finalizing implementation

Consultations are Flexible and Can Answer Many Questions

BearCom will work with you to determine the unique requirements of your environment. Using specific data acquired during the business consultation and other materials, recommendations are formed that will help you move forward with your communication network. BearCom can even install and deploy your new equipment! Curious about what radio accessories you will need? Worried about backup plans if a base station breaks down?-Don’t worry, a consultation will cover that too.

BearCom will also consult with you to review:

  • Analog-to-digital migration
  • P25 interoperability
  • Motorola MOTOTRBO product selection, as well as system design and implementation
  • Motorola CONNECT PLUS high-volume digital trunking
  • Digital applications and firmware updates
  • Point-to-point bridges
  • WLAN systems
  • Security concerns
  • Narrowbanding

BearCom’s Consultation Can Save Time and Money By increasing system capacity and giving you greater ability to grow within that environment, communication efficiency will increase, saving you money. BearCom can also re-leverage an existing communication meshwork and expand it to improve overall capacity and coverage. Sometimes, a system is too large, and the best thing to do is size it back down a little. In either case, BearCom’s business consultation services will answer many important questions you might have.

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