Repairs & Field Services for Two-Way Radios

Keeping expensive two-way radios in peak condition with regular repairs protects against failures that will eventually cause equipment to become irreparable and inoperable when you need it most. Repairs & field services for two-way radios should always be a priority.

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BearCom has all of the technical expertise, industry certifications, and diagnostic equipment needed to ensure that your two-way radios are repaired and maintained properly.

A construction worker drops a handheld radio, and then kicks it down a flight of stairs. Lightning strikes a wireless antenna tower and turns your base station into a brick. Sometimes your radio gets crystal clear audio, sometimes mostly static.

No matter how careful you are, your equipment may occasionally need repairs. To keep your fleet in top condition, BearCom has the most extensive two-way radio repair depot and field-service programs in the United States, along with more than 100 highly-skilled wireless equipment technicians.


Does BearCom have the expertise needed to handle your repairs?

Most Definitely! The Technical Services Group at BearCom repairs nearly 2,500 radios every month through our Dallas depot, which is the largest independently-operated radio repair facility in the country. We also handle repairs at several branch offices. We can repair two-way radio equipment from most major radio manufacturers, including Motorola Solutions, Vertex Standard and Icom America. Typically, we turn repair jobs in 72 hours or less.

What kind of training do BearCom technicians get?Service Elite Specialist_vertical format

On the products we support, all of our field service technicians go through stringent certification programs with our manufacturing partners, as well as through the Electronics Technicians Association International. Each of our repair sites is certified to meet industry standards, and BearCom is proud to have earned Motorola Solutions’ highly-regarded Service Elite Specialist status for our work servicing wireless communications systems.


Does BearCom handle repairs in the field?

Yes! Whatever the issue, our field service team can be dispatched to your site to perform the services or repairs needed.  Plus, we have multiple ways to reduce downtime: For customers who invested in spares and back-up units during initial system implementation, we can temporarily deploy this equipment.

  • Or, we can include Field Replacement Units in the repair contract to sustain service levels during the repair job.
  • Or, BearCom offers rentals if more extensive repairs are needed that necessitate taking your equipment back to the shop or sending it to a service depot.


To keep your two-way radio equipment operating at peak levels, put the BearCom repair team to work. To learn more, call BearCom Services at 800.449.5695 or email

About BearCom

BearCom provides a broad line of high-performance wireless communications products, services, and complete mobility solutions. Founded in 1981, BearCom is America’s only nationwide dealer and integrator of wireless communications equipment serving customers from 40+ branch offices located throughout the U.S.

  • Full range of professional services and solutions
  • More than 100,000 repairs performed annually
  • Follow Project Management Institute (PMI) standards
  • Motorola-trained Project Management Professional (PMP) on staff
  • FM-certified repair facility (intrinsically safe)
  • Warranty work on major brands: Motorola Solutions, Vertex Standard, Icom America, Kenwood, EF Johnson, Maxon, and more
  • Certified Service Center (CSC)
  • Premier Service Partner (PSP)
  • Earned Service Elite Specialist designation from Motorola Solutions