Outdoor Festivals Rely on Two-Way Radio Rentals

Event Staff using two-way radios during an outdoor festivalTwo-way radio rentals are vital to the safety and security of a large outdoor festival. When thousands of people gather in a specific, tightly controlled location, they can easily overwhelm the nearest cell phone tower, especially if an emergency happens.

We’ve all seen the tragic stories of cars plowing into parade goers, and crazed pop-music fans trampling each other, but most outdoor festival issues are more mundane: grandparents suffering from heat exhaustion, parents scouting for lost children, guys getting into scuffles at the beer tent.

With easy-to-use two-way radios, festival managers can get EMTs and security personnel to the scene of an incident quickly and efficiently. To ensure success, outdoor festival planners need to keep a few points in mind when planning their communications setup:

Renting vs. Buying TwoWay Radios

Many event planners rent a two-way radio network rather than buying and stocking radios.

Among the advantages of renting are:

  • A much lower one-time cost than buying.
  • Access to the latest generation of radios. If you buy radios, you’ll have the same technology for years on end.
  • No expensive technology collecting dust most of the year.

Since the festival business can be uncertain, in the first few years it might make more sense to rent, at least until your event becomes an annual tradition. If your festival is established, it might make more sense to go ahead and buy a system configured to your exact needs. Another consideration: If you’ve bought radios in the past but your event keeps getting bigger by the year, consider supplementing your permanent fleet with the extra radios you need to cover peak times.

Optimal Two-Way Radios for Event Rentals

Choosing the two-way technology that fits your event is dependent upon several considerations, including terrain, venue size, positions of radio operators, and safety. Below are a few of the best options for outdoor events, ranging from simple functionality to advanced functionality.

In addition, outdoor events require that radios do not interfere with first responders, like police and firefighters, who communicate on separate sections of the radio spectrum. It is also essential to have a plan in place for your radio users to contact first responders in an emergency, and that all users have been trained on exactly what to do in specific situations.

Be sure to consult with a reputable rentals provider to make sure you’ve got the right equipment to broadcast over the entire festival area. You may need repeaters to get signals into the far-flung corners of your site.

BearCom BC250D

BC250D Digital Two-Way RadioEvent coordinators need an affordable two-way radio that works across outdoor events while providing clear audio. With a 1 watt speaker, the digital BC250D provides audio communication loud enough to hear in almost any noisy environment, urban or rural.

In the event of an urgent situation, this radio offers built-in Emergency Alert and Channel Announce features that help cut down on response time.

More information on the BC250D

BearCom BC130

BC130 Analog Two-Way RadioOne of the most economical solutions, this analog radio is complete with a lightweight die-cast chassis that gives it superb durability ideal for indoor and outdoor use, while on a budget. With built in squelch minimization and adjustable power levels, the BC130 ensures clear communication during outdoor festivals.

Available in VHF and UHF models, The BC130 series is ideal for urban and rural areas.

More information on the BC130 Series

Motorola Solutions XPR7000e Series

XPR7000 Series Digital Two-Way Radios with DisplayWith available digital features—such as WiFi, GPS, indoor location tracking, Bluetooth, Intelligent Audio, texting, enhanced privacy, transmit interrupt, display, and optional man down—the XPR7000e series not only ensures crystal clear communication, but also safety. Maintenance, engineering, technicians, and security and other heavy users are good candidates for XPR7000 radios.

Digital radios such as the 7000e series have a distinct advantage over analog radios in outdoor festivals: Transmissions are clear and static-free right up to the edge of the digital radio’s range, which can be a major benefit in situations where complex instructions have to be sent via the radio. When lives are on the line, you don’t want static.

More information on the XPR7000 Series

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