Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios allow your workforce to stay in contact and work toward a common goal of getting the job done—on time and on target.

Our Two-Way Radios

BearCom carries a complete line of quality digital and analog portables, mobiles, repeaters, two way radios, walkie talkies, and pagers from Motorola, Vertex Standard, and Icom for a variety of applications. You can even rent Motorola radios and repeaters from us, and we offer complete service and repair for all our product lines at our 29 branches across the nation.

In addition, BearCom offers all of the accessories, networking solutions, applications and peripherals needed to optimize the performance of your two-way radios and other wireless communications systems.

Handheld Radios
Portable Radios

Portable Radios
Mobile Radios



For some users, renting devices may make more sense than buying them. “This especially holds true for corporate users who are in a state of financial flux or have an uneven demand for such devices,” says BearCom’s Executive Vice President, Brent Bisnar. “The last thing an organization needs to do is buy radios that sit on the shelf 99 days out of 100.”

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