Improve Two-Way Radio Communications in Stadiums and Convention Centers

Stadiums and convention centers are home to some of the biggest crowds of the year. Concerts, conventions, games, and conferences all draw thousands of attendees. Staff and vendors who work at these locations know that being able to communicate effectively is essential. What you may not know is that these structures can be some of the most challenging environments for communication systems. Concrete and steel buildings often block wireless signals, leading to communication dead-zones.

There is a tried-and-true solution for these communication issues: wireless two-way radios. Two-way radios are easy-to-use communication tools that coordinate response between event managers, security, medical teams, administrative offices, transportation, maintenance, guest services, vendors, and more. In environments where signal strength is an issue, installing Distributed Antenna Systems (DASs), Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs), and/or Repeaters helps achieve coverage throughout the facility.

Safety Benefits

No matter the event, two-way radios increase safety and security at stadiums and convention centers.

  • If a security guard sees a forced entry, or an incident that is about to escalate, he or she can use the Emergency Alert channel to discreetly call for backup.
  • Imagine an isolated worker who suffers a health emergency. This event could trigger an automated alert on his or her two-way radio, immediately sending a medical team to their location.
  • Spills might seem like a minor safety issue, but they aren’t to someone who slips, falls, and suffers an injury; which can create a huge liability issue. Two-way radios allow the first worker on-the-scene to use push-to-talk communications to alert a cleanup or maintenance crew to the location.
  • Plumbing problems and damaged fixtures can also turn into safety concerns. Staff can stay in place, protecting others from injuries, until the maintenance crew arrives to make repairs.

Whether it’s a lost child, someone in distress, a medical emergency, suspicious activity, or any other security concern, two-way radios allow team members to summon immediate assistance. Sometimes a few seconds saved through better communications can mean thousands saved by preventing injuries, property damage, or liability claims. Faster response improves the guest experience and keeps small problems from escalating.


Two-way radios usually pay for themselves quickly in cost-savings, efficiency, and safety. They coordinate mobile work teams, contractors, and vendors to add efficiency throughout your event center operations. Whether it’s a remote crew member who needs a simple answer, a security worker who needs a quick decision, or a customer service rep who requires assistance; wireless communication devices save time and steps. Better communications means your staff is spending less time running around trying to find a manager, and more time making the event go smoothly.

Advanced Features Offer More Benefits

Two-way radios offer a multitude of functionality and BearCom has all of the options you need to be successful. Our experts will work with you to find the best features to add flexibility, functionality, productivity, and safety to you event.

Wireless radio features available include:

  • Group Calling
  • Integration and Convergence
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • Man Down, Lone Worker, and Emergency Alerts
  • Background Noise Cancelling
  • Hearing Protection
  • Digital Technologies

Buy/Rent Options

Many venues have a permanent stock of two-way radios for day-to-date operations, and supplement their fleet with rental units for game-day operations. With more than 25,000 units available, BearCom has the largest fleet of push-to-talk rental devices in the world.

Whether you have a state-of-art entertainment venue or a multi-use stadium, BearCom can help you choose exactly the right wireless solutions for your facility. An experienced communications expert can show you how BearCom delivers communication solutions for stadiums and convention centers across the country.

Here is what one major stadium customer said about working with BearCom:

“I don’t want to work in a venue that doesn’t have BearCom as its communication source. They understand the unique nature of events operations, so they know exactly what I need, and can deliver it for me.”

BRIAN GRANT Sr. Associate Director of Facilities & Project Management, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

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