pdvWireless_logoWith the acquisition of nationwide 900 MHz spectrum licenses, pdvWireless is transforming the wireless communication space with the largest private push-to-talk two-way radio network dedicated to serving dispatch-oriented businesses across major U.S. markets.

BearCom is teaming with pdvWireless to offer our two-way radio customers this new Wide Area Network solution in their region. The WAN is designed to keep your mobile work force engaged and informed while delivering better overall service to your customers.

Powered by DispatchPlus software, the solution enhances field-to-office communication through patented radio technology with proprietary cloud-based mobile workforce applications. By delivering better options for communications, tracking and logistics throughout the coverage area, your enterprise achieves more efficient dispatch and better team communications. The result is streamlined resource management along with improved field operations.

In addition, using push-to-talk two-way radios is permitted under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, whereas the improper use of mobile phones carries substantial penalties and risks. For instance:

        • Drivers can be fined up to $2,750 for mobile phone usage offenses.
        • Motor carriers can be fined up to $11,000 for driver violations.
        • Catastrophic accidents can result from mobile phone distractions.
        • The RULES: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration restricts using hand-held mobile phones while operating vehicles and prohibits texting while driving.

BearCom has thousands of mobile services customers who can benefit immediately from a two-way radio WAN. Now available in the following regions:

Call BearCom for additional details: 800.527.1670