sonetics-logoSonetics Corporation is a leading global supplier of team communication systems for challenging work environments. More than half a million customers around the world use Sonetics products when they need to hear and be heard.

Building on more than 20 years of proven experience with emergency responders and aviation personnel, Sonetics offers its Apex and Triton communication headsets to meet the unique needs of marine, utilities, construction, and other high-noise industries. Like Sonetics’ Firecom and Flightcom brands, Apex and Triton headsets provide crystal-clear communications among team members, even under the most challenging conditions.

Sonetics backs up its reliability with a two-year limited warranty. And with Sonetics’ exclusive ComCare service plans, you can rely on total customer care for up to five years from the date of purchase. No other manufacturer offers that kind of buyer protection.

Sonetics and its Firecom and Flightcom divisions offer comprehensive communication solutions for the most demanding environments.

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