Emergency Response and Commercial Specialty Communication Vehicles — LDV

ldvHaving led the market in quality and technological advances for more than 30 years, LDV is the premier global manufacturer of emergency response and commercial specialty vehicles. The company’s long-standing reputation for unmatched quality, performance, and vehicle reliability makes LDV the most trusted resource in the industry.

As one of the most innovative companies in the world, LDV was the “first to market” with a number of industry innovations and is currently the only supplier that offers Intel-I-Touch, a single-touch activation panel that controls all operating and power management systems. Not surprisingly, LDV is the chosen vendor of the most prestigious U.S. and international government agencies and corporations, and it builds nine of every ten Snap-on mobile tool stores.

If you want unmatched value and exceptional after-sales support and service throughout the life of your vehicle, LDV and BearCom are the right choice.