Eaton UPS Power Supplies – For Critical System Protection

eaton-logoBearCom has teamed up with Eaton to provide high-quality backup power for any sized equipment, from a desktop PC workstation to a large data center. Eaton is a world leader in delivering quality backup power through Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems.

To help you find the right Eaton solution, BearCom can ensure that mission-critical data and electronic assets are protected with an immediate and highly reliable power supply solution.

BearCom and Eaton provide business solutions that:

  • Ensure a constant supply of clean and reliable power
  • Reduce data loss and downtime
  • Save money and maintain productivity

As a communications specialist in business for more than 35 years, BearCom provides wireless communications systems – including repeaters and console installations – for a variety of companies and public service enterprises.

To discuss a review of your backup power UPS systems, contact a BearCom associate at: 800.527.1670

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