Network Operations Center for Two-Way Radios

For years, organizations have invested heavily in the latest tools and resources to monitor their IT data centers. Now there’s a real-time two-way radio monitoring service that analyzes and diagnoses wireless communications issues before they escalate. Digital two-way radios have evolved into critical communications systems, it makes sense to use similar management strategies to optimize the valuable network.

Are two-way radio communications important to your organization?

Has the complexity of wireless networks outpaced your resources to manage them?

Is network security a priority in your industry?



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Identifying Performance and Operating Issues Enables Early Resolution

The BearCom NOC uses the latest tools and technology monitoring resources to proactively evaluate, analyze, diagnose and respond to potential issues with two-way radio system infrastructure equipment. By turning your radio communications management over to BearCom’s NOC technology team, you’ll have early warning of potential issues – often before they impact your operations. The NOC saves time, money, manpower and resources so your IT department can stay focused on their strategic initiatives. And just like the IT department, its’ an insurance policy for your system. Our skilled technology experts observe and identify critical two-way radio network issues/alerts and initiate the appropriate response.


TOP 10 Benefits of Using the BearCom NOC

Bearcom Network Operations Center

1. Monitors digital MOTOTRBO two-way radio networks 24/7.

2. Protects and optimizes your two-way radio communications investment.

3. Identifies issues early and enables solutions before problems escalate.

4. Puts BearCom’s wireless expertise to work for your organization.

5. Frees up your IT staff to work on what they do best.

6. Shows peak loads and usage patterns.

7. Provides system reports and scorecards.

8. Delivers real-time tech dispatch and customer service.

9. Places our staff on call interpreting alerts and reacting to anomalies.

10. Offers low-cost up-front equipment deployment with ongoing monitoring.

System Monitoring for as Low as $250 a Month!New Picture


Here’s the Plan: For $250 a month for two-years of monitoring, and a budget-friendly initial one-time charge for each site, this all-inclusive package covers install, set-up, licensing, hardware, and firmware for the monitoring program (final pricing dependent upon system review). We provide:

1. Our industry-standard leading VPN Tunnel Drive, which allows BearCom to monitor the health of your wireless network without accessing your secure IT data center.

2. Monitoring, ongoing support and dispatch.

3. Installation and service (labor).

4. Software and software licensing.

Security Concerns? BearCom Will Identify the Best Solution for You!

When you subscribe to the NOC services, be assured that security is a top priority. With state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated VPN at each customers’ site, there is no access point for intruders to slip into your IT data networks.

We utilize next-gen network firewall protection with UTM, IDS/IPS as well as Web and content filtering. In addition, we partner with BAE/Silver Sky Labs to proactively monitor our own network for security threats 24/7. BearCom uses the most advanced, up-to-date security protocols and certifications, with multiple layers of protection in place, so BearCom NOC customers can be confident that security concerns have been fully addressed.

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