Two-Way Radio Review: Motorola XPR7550

Motorola XPR7550The Motorola XPR7550 is an advanced data-communication device built into a rugged, industrial-strength two-way radio.

The XPR7550 anchors the Motorola Solutions 7000 Series of high-performance two-way radios. They are part of the company’s MOTOTRBO line of digital communication products. It might look like a standard two-way radio at first glance, but closer inspection reveals a broad spectrum of advanced digital features, starting with the keypad and extending to the five-line, full-color LCD screen. What you can’t see are the advanced microprocessor and software enabling a broad range of digital applications.

Digital radios translate voice communications into packets of digital data that can be transmitted around the world via Internet Protocol, or IP. Rapid advances in microprocessors and growth in memory capacity have enabled manufacturers to build radios with capabilities that were unimaginable to previous generations of radio users.

You might say the XPR7550 takes this concept to its logical conclusion, given that it comes standard with:

  • GPS tracking capability, so you’ll always know where your radio users are, and can send help directly to the source of a problem rather than lose time (and risk lives) in wide-area searches.
  • Bluetooth connectivity, which allows wireless earpieces and headsets and enables radio-to-radio communications, making it easy to transfer information like addresses and GPS coordinates from one radio to another.
  • Intelligent audio, which filters out background noise and helps make voices easier to hear.
  • Business applications, including SMS messaging, email, telephony, “man down” emergency signaling and work-order tickets for advanced customer service.

Joining the Big Data revolution

You’ve probably heard the breathless enthusiasm for Big Data – pulling information from a multitude of sources, processing it with advanced software, and culling insights that can make your business more profitable and efficient. The XPR7550 taps into this trend.

Every digital signal it sends generates data that can be monitored and measured, creating vast opportunities to optimize your operations. If your construction company owns a fleet of trucks, you can use GPS tracking to measure how many miles they travel and correlate that with your fuel purchases. Supervisors on the factory floor can pick up data from sensors on the production line and distribute them to other managers, who can compare data and find efficiencies each one might not have noticed on their own.

It’s not just about digital

The XPR7550 works in analog and digital mode so users can upgrade at their own pace while still getting good years of use from their analog models. In fact, it can be purchased in analog mode and upgraded to digital with a simple software download.

Rugged construction is the radio’s hallmark. It’s rated at IP57, which means you can immerse it in water for up to half-hour without damaging the radio. It’s also dust-proof and impact resistant. With the proper battery, the XPR7550 is intrinsically safe, so it won’t cause an explosive spark in the presence of combustible gas, liquids or dust.

As digital technology pervades every nook and cranny of the business world, it’s important to have tools that make the most of it. Workers who need a durable, powerful two-way radio that handles just about every communication chore (it even makes phone calls) would be hard pressed to top the XPR7550.

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