Two-Way Radio Review: Motorola SL7550

Motorola SL7550Sometimes you have to carry a full-featured two-way radio, but you don’t want a bulky device at your side. In such a scenario, the Motorola SL7550 is ideal. It’s thin, stylish and brimming with high-end digital communication features.

Part of the MOTOTRBO line from Motorola Solutions, the SL7550 is not much bigger than a smartphone and weighs about half as much as a standard two-way radio. It’s purpose-built for industries in which discretion is a virtue and style is an asset. (Think hospitality, personal security, and retail.) The radio’s slim size and sleek appearance are only one chapter in its story.

Advanced digital capabilities combined with a keypad, five-line color display and an intuitive user interface make the SL7550 an advanced digital communications device that also happens to work just fine as a 2-watt UHF radio. Here’s a look at the main features:

  • Display, keypad, controls — The full-color LCD screen is five lines deep, allowing a variety of messaging functions. A navigation disc controls a variety of menu-driven features within the screen, much like you’d find in a cellphone. That makes it easy to train your staff because they’re familiar with this kind of user interface. An ambient light sensor automatically brightens or dims the display.
  • Premium audio — Motorola’s exclusive Intelligent Audio is tuned to filter out background noise, whether it’s a noisy factory floor or a roaring crowd at a sporting event, and optimize voice transmissions accordingly.
  • Bluetooth connectivity — With Bluetooth, you can connect to wireless headsets and send messages to nearby radios, sharing contacts, phone numbers, sales data and so forth.
  • Advanced programming — Two programmable buttons on either side of the navigation disc turbocharge your programming options. Each button can be assigned up to nine programmed tasks.
  • Text messaging — Messages can be sent live or saved to be sent later. The programmable buttons could be configured, for instance, to send a saved message asking all users to report to for duty at a certain time or to alert a supervisor about a customer emergency.

Harnessing the power of digital technology

Digital technology enables the SL7550 to do an enormous range of tasks that simply cannot be done with analog radios. A digital radio encodes voice signals into packets of data that can be transmitted to other digital devices, which means it can be programmed to do tasks like monitoring sensors or a production line, opening security gate to allow trucks to enter and turning on surveillance cameras. And since everything a digital radio does generates digital data that can be processed and analyzed, merely using the radio every day can provide insights that can help optimize operations and improve profitability.

As a world leader in wireless communications, Motorola Solutions has the resources to develop a host of applications that make the most of the SL7550’s digital capabilities. These applications allow:

  • Location tracking for fleets and personnel safety
  • Work order ticket management for real-time customer service
  • Email gateways to tap users’ personal networks
  • Telephony to connect radios to telephones
  • Man-down emergency signaling.

Another Motorola exclusive is IP Site Connect, which uses networking technology to broadcast digital voice signals throughout wired networks, including the internet. That creates global range for a portable two-way radio.

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