Two-Way Radio Rentals from BearCom: Five Popular Models

Five popular radio models from BearcomIf you plan to rent radios, your first decision is whether to choose analog or digital.

Analog two-way radios (walkie-talkies) are lightweight, rugged and reliable. They’re generally easy to use, and require little user training. However analog radios are not as feature-rich as the more state-of-the art digital models, because their underlying technology has been around since the inception of wireless communications.

Best Two-Way Radios

Digital radios use the latest audio technology to convert voice into streams of data that can be transmitted on standard Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Digital radios generally deliver better sound quality along with encryption capabilities. In addition, digital radios can mix voice and data technology more readily and include applications for added performance. In short, digital models offer more functionality.

The following popular models from Motorola Solutions provide a good idea of the choices to consider when renting radios:

Analog: Motorola CP200 and HT1250

For basic, economical communications requirements, analog technology is hard to beat.

CP200 — Rent the analog version of this venerated Motorola workhorse; buyers can purchase the CP200d digital version. With four watts of UHF power, the CP200 offers plenty of coverage. Up to sixteen channels deliver ample flexibility for multiple groups including technicians and event management. Simplicity of operation is a major advantage for many users.

HT1250 — A small LCD screen and programmable keys add functionality to this analog model. The HT1250 has up to 128 channels and four or five watts of power, depending on whether you select UHF or VHF. The HT1250 can store call lists and radio IDs, and offers sharp audio quality in noisy environments.

Digital: XPR3500, XPR6550 and XPR7550

Motorola Solutions XPR digital radios are designed for sophisticated operating demands. In addition, the MOTOTRBO line is supported with extensive software that broadly expands capabilities.

XPR3500 — Compact and lightweight, the XPR3500 is built for jobs where size matters. With up to 128 channels, the Motorola XPR3500 radio operates in digital and analog modes so it can communicate with older analog radios. Like the HT1250, it has a small LCD screen, programmable keys and data-storage features.

XPR6550 — With a full keypad and compact LCD screen, the XPR6550 packs in even more feature sets for demanding operations and provides digital/analog interoperability. It has top-notch audio quality, text messaging and access to MOTOTRBO applications. For volatile environments, it is certified intrinsically safe.

XPR7550 — The feature-rich XPR7550 includes a full keypad, expanded LCD screen and easy-to-use interface. Motorola’s Intelligent Audio delivers clear sound quality in a range of environments. With an IP57 rating, it’s waterproof and can even survive dunking for 30 minutes in shallow water. Up to 1,000 available channels create massive communications options.

BearCom’s Inventory Edge

BearCom offers more than 20,000 radios in our rental inventory and has the right options for just about any need. Our staff of trained rental consultants and technicians can pull from our massive inventory to configure the best two-way radio fleet for your requirements. We also provide repeaters and other infrastructure equipment needed to make your event successful.

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