Frequently Asked Questions

Who is BearCom?
Headquartered in the Dallas, Texas area, with 29 branches across the United States, BearCom is America’s only nationwide wireless equipment dealer and integrator. We are well equipped to handle all of your wireless communications requirements, including sales, rentals, and service.
Is BearCom publicly or privately held?
BearCom is privately held.
Where is BearCom located?
BearCom is headquartered in the Dallas, Texas area with 29 branches located across the nation. We also have several affiliated offices located in Europe and Australia.
What is BearCom’s experience with FCC frequency coordination?
BearCom does not coordinate with the FCC, but rather processes applications. Coordinators are selected by the FCC to do the spectrum search; however, we accept applications from customers for VHF and UHF frequencies from 150-174 and 450-470 MHz. We verify all information for accuracy, collect payment, and then submit the application to the coordinators on behalf of the customer for spectrum search. If the coordinator deems that all information is correct, the application is then submitted to the FCC for final approval.
When is BearCom’s customer service available?
BearCom’s corporate customer service is available nationwide from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. CT, Monday thru Friday.
What is BearCom's quality control and continuous improvement process?
BearCom prides itself in buying product from quality manufacturers. Because of BearCom’s reputation and size, we are frequently asked to be part of our suppliers’ focus groups to address product issues. We conduct QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews) with our major suppliers. Within BearCom, we have numerous quality measurements, including inventory, picking, programming, and shipping accuracy. We track order quality and seek customer input through our BCI (BearCom Customer Index) process.
What is BearCom's capability to perform installations and repairs?
BearCom has 19 full-service branches offering radio repair, field service, and installation. Of those service locations, 18 operate under the Motorola Authorized Service Shop logos. Included in this list of service shops is the largest independent repair facility in the nation, located at our headquarters in Dallas, We offer free FedEx shipping on all repaired products, and we average a 72-hour turnaround on most repairs.
What Web-enabled capabilities does BearCom have for facilitating online ordering?
BearCom operates and maintains a fully functional, dynamic, database-driven Web site with an e-catalog and shopping cart system.
What are BearCom's capabilities to design and maintain customer extranet sites?
BearCom designs customized extranets and portals for our customers, complete with e-catalogs and full shopping cart functionality.
How does BearCom secure access for online ordering and the actual physical inventory?
All Web site and portal shopping is secured via SSL (Secure Sockets Layering). BearCom also prevents the transmission of sensitive information sent via e-mail by incorporating a back-end database that collects and disseminates this information internally and privately.
What is BearCom's ability to maintain sufficient inventory to assure prompt delivery?
BearCom maintains sufficient inventory through utilizing J.D. Edwards’ methodology for ordering. Backorder reports are run daily. We also have an inventory control system in place to track order date, status, delivery date, destination facility, staging status, and testing status. BearCom is able to supply inventory control reports to any customer upon request, and if needed, we can provide warehouse space for the delivery and storage of all equipment.
What is BearCom's fill rate percentage on in-stock inventory programs?
For more than three years, BearCom has maintained an approximate 90% fill rate on in-stock inventory plans.
Is real-time access to BearCom's inventory information available?
Real time access to inventory is available 24/7 through J.D. Edwards.
Assuming the product is in stock, what is BearCom's standard order processing time from receipt of order to shipping?
BearCom keeps roughly 1,500 SKUs in stock at all times. BearCom’s ERP system does a complete credit check and inventory on-hand check for every order every 15 minutes. Orders are printed every 30 minutes between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday. As a result, in-stock product can ship same day in many cases and within 24 hours in almost all other cases.
How does BearCom handle rush orders?
If the product is in stock, the customer’s order is coded as an “expedite,” and the product is physically placed into a red tote for visual recognition through the fulfillment process. If the product is not in stock, BearCom can arrange for direct, expedited shipping from the manufacturer.
Does BearCom offer next-day delivery and/or 48-hour turnaround?
BearCom offers both next-day delivery and 48-hour turnaround times. BearCom has a dedicated staff of radio programmers and system assemblers to ensure orders are fulfilled expeditiously.
What is BearCom's return percentage? What are the major issues prompting returns?
BearCom’s return percentage is 1.5% of orders. We have an inside sales team that sells product through a catalog. Most returns are a result of the catalog customers not ordering the correct product or customers who are not satisfied with what they ordered. Defective products make up a very small percentage of returns.
What is BearCom's replacement procedure and policy concerning defective/damaged goods?
BearCom honors the manufacturers’ warranties on all defective and damaged products. The customer contacts a BearCom representative to get a return authorization on the defective product, and the BearCom representative will complete a replacement order for new product.
What types of management reports does BearCom provide?
Utilizing BearCom’s ERP system, we can offer a host of management reports including:

  • Type of product and quantity ordered, including product serial numbers (where applicable)
  • Purchased dollar amounts by customer site and or location
  • Tracking of product and expenses (if repaired by BearCom)
  • Proactive alerts on perishable product (such as batteries) as they reach the end of their useful life
  • Additional reports can be customized and provided as requested.

How does BearCom measure customer satisfaction?
BearCom utilizes several means of measurement to calculate customer satisfaction, but the most effective is the BearCom Customer Index, or BCI. Within six to eight weeks after a shipment, a BearCom customer service representative calls the customer and asks him/her the following question. “On a scale of one to ten, how likely would you be to recommend BearCom to a close business or personnel associate?” The score is noted, and any accolades or issues (detractors) are noted and shared with the appropriate team members. Follow-up actions are taken based on the customer’s inputs.