Two-Way Radios Help Public Events Run Smoothly and Safely

Event organizers holding radiosSummer is fast approaching, and with it the busy season for public events. Did you know that more than 1.8 million meetings and events are held each year in the United States, resulting in $280 billion in spending? Wireless technology has impacted the events industry in a major way for years, and two-way radios remain its communications device of choice.

The push-to-talk convenience of the two-way radio and its one-to-many communications capabilities make it possible for people to relay timely information. That’s especially important in an industry where everything depends on keeping to a schedule.

Speaker microphones allow users to transmit without actually touching their radios while surveillance kits allow them to talk and listen discreetly by placing wires under shirts and jackets. These devices allow for necessary communication without attendees even noticing. They can be especially useful in a quiet meeting room, where a blaring walkie-talkie could distract participants.

Some events rent two-way radios

For annual events or when a larger fleet is needed, it may not make sense to purchase devices that go unused for the rest of the year. In these situations, two-way radio rentals provide an attractive option. BearCom works with event organizers to set up two-way radio communications solutions that work best for their needs and their staffs.

Among the advantages of renting:

  • A much lower up-front cost than buying
  • No need to maintain a fleet of radios
  • Access to the latest technology.

Digital two-way radios have clear advantages

Digital radios such as the Motorola CP200d have distinct advantages over analog models. Transmissions are clear and static-free right up to the edge of the digital radio’s range. The audio clarity and extended useful range that digital technology delivers can solve major communication issues in challenging environments in which complex instructions have to be understood.

Digital radios also offer longer battery life, encrypted transmissions, and a host of features, such as instant text messaging and GPD that are unavailable on analog models. Because many of the radios still in use are analog it’s important to consider dual-capability models that work in both digital and analog modes.

Radio accessories and push-to-talk phones

Accessories such as speaker microphones and surveillance kits can be extremely useful for many events. Whether your organization chooses to buy or rent accessories, BearCom offers a complete portfolio of speaker mics, surveillance kits, and other accessories.

If push-to-talk phones are needed, BearCom offers rental and leasing options for a variety of Sprint and Verizon devices. Sprint offers a line of phones featuring Direct Connect that ranges from full-featured smartphones to rugged devices designed for tough work environments.

Experience and expertise in events

BearCom has been a part of some of the biggest events staged across the country and around the world. From our Rental Operations Center, we manage a fleet of more than 20,000 rental radios, all manufactured by Motorola Solutions. Along with that unmatched inventory, BearCom offers training before the event and staffing on the big day. Learn more at or call 800.541.9333 for Rentals assistance and 800.527.1670 for Sales assistance.

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