Colleges Use Wireless Technologies to Keep the Campus Safe

In many emergency situations, cell phone towers become completely overwhelmed by callers within minutes of an incident, bringing communications to a standstill. What other systems are available to inform emergency medical services and law enforcement when response time and situational awareness can mean all the difference?

Enhanced Two-Way Radios Provide Options in a Crisis

Two-Way Radio User OutdoorsMany colleges and universities are increasing safety by putting radios in the hands of their security staff. Streamlined radios such as the digital BC250D and the analog BC130 offer instant push-to-talk communications and do not rely on cellular network coverage. Enhanced radios offer an outstanding balance of features and price. For example, walkie-talkies with an LCD screen, such as the XPR7550E, allow the user to see the name of the person or department that’s calling. Features such as emergency alerts, all call, or discreet text messaging can keep campus security one step ahead of any situation.

Two-way radio security options are further improved with various accessories, such as discreet surveillance kits, noise-reduction headsets to block extraneous noise, and speaker-microphones. A signal, clearly received, can make a huge difference on a bustling college campus.

Protect Densely Populated Campuses with Additional Technologies from BearCom

In addition to a robust two-way radio communication system, there are many other wireless technologies that increase the safety of students and staff and protect the institution. These include IP video surveillance cameras and body cameras, and call boxes.Officer Monitoring School Cameras

IP video surveillance cameras are in high demand because they can provide superb imaging in both day and night lighting conditions. Frequently, large campuses have monitoring and dispatch centers—the more visibility they have, the more adequately they can respond to potentially dangerous situations. Live video feeds can be viewed by both campus security and first responders so that they have more situational awareness to plan an appropriate response. IP cameras can even send images to laptops in vehicles—whether they are part of the campus security or the local police force.

Wheelchair User and Call BoxBody cameras are a cutting-edge resource for public safety officers. When the City of Morgantown Fire Department wanted to improve security at a local university, they worked with BearCom. Our experts outfitted officers with body cameras that could be activated via Bluetooth or hard-wired to a radio, saving crucial seconds and recording events as they unfolded.

Wireless call boxes are another proven way to enhance security across campus for both students and staff, including in isolated parking lots. Powered by a portable or mobile wireless radio, BearCom remote call boxes feature simple push-to-talk, release-to-listen operation. Our call boxes are custom designed and individually built – options include: voice prompts, gate/door remote control access, wireless alarms and strobe lights, solar power options and more.

Mesh Networks Create Access for Mission-Critical Communications

Campuses all over the world are embracing wireless technologies in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. A single wireless network can provide Wi-Fi access to the public, yet provide first responders with separate, dedicated, and secure access to mission-critical communications.

For instance, Taiwan’s Tajen University, recently installed a wireless mesh network. “The robust and affordable network supports a security system for our safety and provides free Wi-Fi access to our students and faculty,” said Dr. Lu Ching Song, a professor of multimedia web applications and the wireless network project leader at Tajen. “A key advantage of the deployment is that once purchased, it is completely reconfigurable to address changes in our security needs or the campus topography, such as the addition of new buildings.”

Gold-Standard of Campus Safety: Mutualink

Response time to a critical situation can mean the difference between life and death. BearCom offers Mutualink an integrated software solution that enables instant, real-time communication with emergency services. Key features include:

  • Reduction in Time to Resolution– In active shooting exercises in Hartfort CT, resolution time was cut in half.
  • Instant Voice from any Device – School radios, phones and cell phones can seamlessly communicate with first responders. Live video streaming can also be integrated.
  • Panic Button via App– Initiates collaborative communications between campus authorities and responders.

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College campuses are safer and more efficient when administrators, faculty and response teams can communicate more effectively. BearCom has the wireless communications and technologies that higher education campuses need.

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