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Two-Way Radio Options for Fire Departments

All across the country, declining state and local revenues have caused budget cuts to numerous public safety agencies. Fire departments, with limited funds and the admonishment to do “more with less,” are looking for two-way radio solutions with affordability as a major factor. Fortunately, there are options. In Los Angeles, the fire department’s budget for the 2011-2012 year was $472 million, down from $561 million two years earlier. Last year, the city council voted .

Narrowbanding Issues Remain Unresolved Months After FCC’s January 1 Deadline

Nearly five months after the FCC’s narrowbanding deadline, people are still talking about the mandate for users of two way radios to convert to 12.5 kHz technology. Among them is Al Ittner, Senior Manager of Spectrum Strategy for Motorola Solutions. Ittner was in Houston last week to speak at the Utilities Telecom Council’s annual conference. His topic was “Narrowbanding: I Missed the Deadline. Now What?” The narrowbanding mandate from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) .