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Motorola Solutions Teams with SchoolSAFE to Offer Radio Interoperability System to 10 Ohio Schools

A key element of school campus security is the ability to quickly summon first responders in an emergency. And while calling 9-1-1 works, a direct wireless connection with police, fire, and medical personnel is even faster. That’s the advantage behind the donation by Motorola Solutions of 250 two-way radios to the Chardon Area Schools in Ohio. Each is equipped with the SchoolSAFE solution, which enables interoperable radio communications between school personnel and first responders. .

In a World of Cell Phones, Remote Call Boxes Still Have a Place

Nearly everyone has a cell phone or smartphone these days, so who needs remote call boxes? Plenty of people do, our Mike Butler wrote recently in an article on “Cell phones are vital in emergencies, whether it’s a natural disaster or a car crash,” Butler said. “However, cell phone batteries can die, callers by the hundreds sometimes clog the airwaves, and frazzled onlookers can even struggle to dial 911 (if it’s even available).” .

Advice on Lifecycle Management of Two-Way Radio Fleets

An announcement last week from Motorola Solutions about its Mobility Lifecycle Management service got me thinking about what companies need to do to maintain their fleets of two-way radios. For the whole story, I went to Hugh Johnston, BearCom’s Product & Purchasing Manager, who as usual had plenty of good advice. “Radios can lead a tough life,” Hugh said, explaining how they can get dropped and banged against things. Knobs and antennas have it .