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Seven Key Questions to Answer before Buying Two-Way Radios for Business

If you buy the right two-way radios (walkie-talkies), they can transform your business, making it safer, stronger and better at keeping customers happy. If you buy the wrong radios, they can collect dust on a shelf and render your investment worthless. Two-Way Radios for Business The prime appeal of two-way radios for business is the ability to push one button and talk to someone or a whole team immediately. This basic communications capability is .

A Wireless Wish List for Santa

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s a good time to look at some of the most attractive products from the top manufacturers of wireless communications gear. Here’s a look at great gift possibilities across all the industries we serve at BearCom. Airlines and airports Ramp crews and private pilots alike prefer a portable two-way radio purpose-built for aviation. A great fit is the IC-A6 from Icom, which features simple one-handed operation and .

Industry Solutions: Motorola XPR7350 for Hospitals

Hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities have come to rely on the real-time capabilities of two-way radios (walkie talkies). The question for many of them today is whether to upgrade to digital radios. Motorola Solutions designed the XPR7350 portable digital radio to make that decision a lot easier. Part of Motorola’s MOTOTRBO line of digital communications gear, the XPR7350 is the entry-level model of the XPR7000 Series. It doesn’t have the keypad or LCD .

Industry Solutions: Motorola CLS1110 for Grocery Stores, Retailers, Shopping Malls

Competition in the retail sector is as tough as ever. When merchants are selling pretty much the same brands at pretty much the same prices, customer service is the one thing that can set them apart. That’s what motivated Motorola Solutions to develop the CLS1110, a tough, lightweight and compact radio, purpose-built for indoor environments up to 150,000 square feet. The CLS1110 has one channel and one watt of power on UHF, which illustrates .

Industry Solutions: Motorola XTS5000 for Government Agencies

The folks who arrive first at the scenes of accidents, crimes and natural disasters need the toughest, most reliable communication tools. Motorola Solutions was thinking about police on the street and soldiers on the battlefield when it developed its XTS 5000 line of digital two-way radios. Just about everything a government agency would need in a mission-critical portable radio is packed into the XTS5000, including: P25 trunking P25 is the standard for interoperability among .

Two-Way Radio Review: Motorola SL7550

Sometimes you have to carry a full-featured two-way radio, but you don’t want a bulky device at your side. In such a scenario, the Motorola SL7550 is ideal. It’s thin, stylish and brimming with high-end digital communication features. Part of the MOTOTRBO line from Motorola Solutions, the SL7550 is not much bigger than a smartphone and weighs about half as much as a standard two-way radio. It’s purpose-built for industries in which discretion is a virtue and style .

Two-Way Radio Review: Motorola XPR7550

The Motorola XPR7550 is an advanced data-communication device built into a rugged, industrial-strength two-way radio. The XPR7550 anchors the Motorola Solutions 7000 Series of high-performance two-way radios. They are part of the company’s MOTOTRBO line of digital communication products. It might look like a standard two-way radio at first glance, but closer inspection reveals a broad spectrum of advanced digital features, starting with the keypad and extending to the five-line, full-color LCD screen. What .

Two-Way Radio Review: Motorola XPR7350

The Motorola XPR7350 two-way radio is rugged, powerful and packed with the latest digital communications technology. The XPR7350 is part of Motorola’s 7000 Series of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, which feature technology that brings the digital age to construction sites, oil platforms, distribution centers and just about any other workplace where workers rely on sturdy push-to-talk radios. Among the highlights: GPS tracking — If your people face any kind of on-the-job hazards, from traveling winter .

Two-Way Radio Rentals: What Accessories Do You Need?

Fourth in a series So you’ve picked out the radios you want to rent for your annual arts and crafts fair, but you’re not done yet. You still have to decide on the two-way radio accessories: batteries and chargers, earpieces and headsets, speaker microphones, and perhaps even surveillance kits for your security crew. Every radio brand makes a host of accessories for specific radios. Typically, if you can rent the radio you can rent .

Two-Way Radios Help Public Events Run Smoothly and Safely

Summer is fast approaching, and with it the busy season for public events. Did you know that more than 1.8 million meetings and events are held each year in the United States, resulting in $280 billion in spending? Wireless technology has impacted the events industry in a major way for years, and two-way radios remain its communications device of choice. The push-to-talk convenience of the two-way radio and its one-to-many communications capabilities make it possible for people to .