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How Schools Can Earn Grants for Emergency Communications

New threats to schools hit the headlines far too frequently. If it’s not a gunman with a grudge, it’s a hurricane spreading havoc. Many schools are meeting these threats by upgrading their emergency-response communications. Creating lockdown procedures and designating safe spaces are good starts, but these measures cannot be effective if schools don’t have the ability to communicate immediately with police and rescue personnel in an emergency. Manufacturers like Motorola Solutions and dealers like .

Industry Solutions: MOTOTRBO for Airlines and Airports

Every flight into every airport affects travelers and cargo in other airports. We see it every time a blizzard in Chicago bogs people down for a thousand miles in every direction. That’s why it’s so essential for airports and airlines to have the right tools to maintain a steady flow of travelers, luggage and cargo. Two-way radios are ideal for airports because they sprawl over large, well-defined areas, and airport workers need radios programmed .

Security Industry Improves Coordination and Safety by Employing a Range of Wireless Technologies

Security is big business in America, with estimated annual revenues of $350 billion. The federal government alone spends nearly $70 billion a year on homeland security. Despite those big dollar figures, security organizations are always looking for force multipliers, and many turn to wireless technology. Wireless equipment and devices have a long track record as effective force multipliers. They also deliver discretion, mobility, and improved coordination—all key issues for an industry that continues to .

Motorola Solutions Teams with SchoolSAFE to Offer Radio Interoperability System to 10 Ohio Schools

A key element of school campus security is the ability to quickly summon first responders in an emergency. And while calling 9-1-1 works, a direct wireless connection with police, fire, and medical personnel is even faster. That’s the advantage behind the donation by Motorola Solutions of 250 two-way radios to the Chardon Area Schools in Ohio. Each is equipped with the SchoolSAFE solution, which enables interoperable radio communications between school personnel and first responders. .

Wireless Technology Helping to Drive the Booming Video Surveillance Industry

Okay, so the recent Super Bowl wasn’t much of a game. But there were plenty of noteworthy elements beyond the weather, the halftime show, and the event’s largest-ever television audience. Security at the event was unprecedented—not just the day of the game, but the days and weeks leading up to it. A 2.5-mile chainlink fence surrounded the stadium, and there were helicopters, boat patrols, and an advanced system of IP video surveillance cameras. Video was .

Two-Way Radios Play a Role as Construction Industry Builds Momentum

The construction industry is on a roll, according to experts who project construction starts will be up 9% this year, on top of last year’s 5% gain. The biggest increases in activity will be in single-family housing, commercial building, and multifamily housing. Getting all that construction work done as efficiently and safely as possible will take top-floor communications capabilities, and that’s where two-way radios come in. Two-way radios have long been popular tools on .

Private Pilots Shouldn’t Take Off Without a Backup Radio

Those of you who follow my adventures know that I can fly to wherever there’s a communications emergency. Regular folks need a plane, and what do private pilots need? They need two-way radios, of course! A recent story on explained how many private pilots wouldn’t consider taking to the air without a backup radio. “Imagine what happens if an airplane’s primary radio fails in flight,” the story says. “You’re thousands of feet in .

Vehicle Applications Pushing Surveillance Video Purchases

Some $500 million was spent on video surveillance equipment in 2012, and that doesn’t even count accessories. A big driver of that spending is, well, driving. A significant portion of the video surveillance equipment being purchased these days is being used to equip vehicles: school buses, patrol cars, and commuter trains to name a few. While school systems can use surveillance cameras to monitor child safety inside buses, some districts have found that the .

For Los Angeles River Path, Council Member Puts Out a Call for Remote Call Boxes to Keep People Safer

Sure, almost everyone has a smartphone these days, but the little jewels don’t work everywhere all the time, and there are times when we don’t carry them. Fortunately, other wireless technologies fill those voids. One of them is remote call boxes, which will be used to keep people in Southern California safe as they enjoy the outdoors. The Los Angeles River biking and walking path is a busy place. All day and night, riders .

Expansions in Petrochemical Industry Mean Jobs, Increased Need for Digital Wireless Solutions

Innovations can dramatically influence the logistical needs of any industry. So when technological advances helped unlock natural gas and oil from shale formations, it meant growth for the petrochemical industry and an increased need for digital wireless solutions. As a result of the boom in shale gas, ExxonMobil has made plans to expand the capacity of its petrochemical complex on the Gulf Coast. The Baytown, Texas, complex will be tasked with converting ethane, a .