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Two-Way Radio Rentals: Satellite Phones and Broadband Cards

Highly mobile people and companies inevitably find themselves disconnected — the traveling sales rep stuck in a hotel with no Wi–Fi or the oil-and-gas developer drilling wells 50 miles from the nearest cell tower. That’s where satellite phones and broadband cards really prove their worth. An Iridium sat-phone bounces calls off a satellite and can reach people in polar regions, remote deserts and empty expanses of ocean. A broadband card connects to the Internet .

Two-Way Radio Rentals: The Push-to-Talk Phone Option

Fifth in a series When you buy that new cellphone, within weeks something familiar happens: a new generation of phones arrives on the market with more power and better features. When you’re looking for push-to-talk phones for business use, that let-down feeling can be avoided when you rent push-to-talk phones rather than buy them. Another attraction is that BearCom deals with all the fine print in the service-provider contracts and handles all the complexities of .

Two-Way Radio Rentals: What Accessories Do You Need?

Fourth in a series So you’ve picked out the radios you want to rent for your annual arts and crafts fair, but you’re not done yet. You still have to decide on the two-way radio accessories: batteries and chargers, earpieces and headsets, speaker microphones, and perhaps even surveillance kits for your security crew. Every radio brand makes a host of accessories for specific radios. Typically, if you can rent the radio you can rent .

Two-Way Radio Rentals: Base Stations and Repeaters

Third in a series Base stations and repeaters add enormous power and flexibility to a two-way radio network. They also can add considerable expense and complexity. That’s why a lot of organizations choose to rent base stations and repeaters rather than buy them. You don’t have to bear the full cost of the equipment, and your dealer can be an enormous asset with the technical details. When you acquire a fleet of radios and turn .

Two-Way Radio Rentals: Dependable Analog Models

Second in a series   So you’ve decided to rent two-way radios for your annual event. Renting is an economical choice, giving users access to the latest generation of radios at a much lower cost than buying. If you don’t need the encryption or data-transmission capabilities of digital radios, you will be well served by analog models. BearCom offers a range of Motorola radios for short-term rentals and long-term leases. The analog two-way radios .

Two-Way Radio Rentals: Why Digital and Which One?

First in a series Organizations of all kinds rent two-way radios for events ranging from county fairs to petrochemical plant turnarounds. Renting gives them access to the latest technology while avoiding the expenses associated with buying and maintaining equipment. The challenge often is deciding which models to rent. While analog and digital radios each have their strengths, there are some distinct advantages to renting digital radios. Improved audio quality Digital radios will maintain a .

BearCom’s 2014 Wireless Products, Services & Solutions Guide Heading to Customers Soon

Some companies publish catalogs filled with little more than pretty pictures and glowing product descriptions. Not BearCom. Our 2014 Wireless Products, Services & Solutions Guide, which is headed to customers early next week, is filled with detailed information about BearCom’s capabilities and scope, as well as updates on the latest innovations in wireless technology. “In this issue, we explore how digital technology is transforming two-way radios,” said BearCom’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kent Huffman, who .

BearCom’s New Preventive Maintenance Plans Help Keep Organizational Efficiency High and Equipment Lasting Longer

Our fleet of rental radios from Motorola Solutions—we’ve got 20,000 of them—has taught us a thing or two about preventive maintenance. All that experience and expertise helped us develop the BearCom Preventive Maintenance Plans, which officially launched this week. “A communications system is only as strong as its weakest link,” BearCom President & CEO Jerry Denham said in a news release announcing the new offering. “With a Preventive Maintenance Plan from BearCom, our customers .

BearCom’s Motorola BC130 Recognized by Construction Industry Publications as a Top 50 Product for Contractors

The Motorola BC130 has been a winner for years, and now it’s official. This BearCom-branded two-way radio has been recognized in the Contractors’ Top 50 New Products awards made annually by Equipment Today magazine and The awards are based on reader interest in earthmoving, road-building, lifting, demolition, transportation, and technology products. The Motorola BC130 was among four technology products honored, along with a rugged smartphone, a grade-control system, and an operator vision system. .

BearCom Introduces Company-Branded Audio Accessories for Several Popular Two-Way Radio Models

Big news from BearCom: We are introducing of a new line of audio accessories that will carry the company name. The speaker-microphones and surveillance kits are designed for Motorola Solutions’ XPR3300 and XPR3500 digital two-way radios and the EVX-531 and VX-450 Series models from Vertex Standard. BearCom works to keep a close eye on our customers’ needs, and one of those needs has been audio accessories for certain popular Motorola MOTOTRBO and Vertex Standard .