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Narrowbanding Issues Remain Unresolved Months After FCC’s January 1 Deadline

Nearly five months after the FCC’s narrowbanding deadline, people are still talking about the mandate for users of two way radios to convert to 12.5 kHz technology. Among them is Al Ittner, Senior Manager of Spectrum Strategy for Motorola Solutions. Ittner was in Houston last week to speak at the Utilities Telecom Council’s annual conference. His topic was “Narrowbanding: I Missed the Deadline. Now What?” The narrowbanding mandate from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) .

FCC Notice Confirms Narrowbanding Enforcement Effort

The latest public notice from the Federal Communications (FCC) on its narrowbanding mandate confirms two points that should be of interest to organizations that depend on two-way radio communication. First, the FCC intends to go ahead with plans to verify compliance with the mandate, and second, users who have yet to make the technology switch can still avoid the promised penalties. The FCC said the purpose of its March 14 Public Notice was to .

BearCom’s CEO Looks at Wireless Trends in 2013

Analyzing Wireless Trends Again this year, I asked Jerry Denham, BearCom’s President & CEO, for his thoughts about the coming year in wireless communications. And while some of his predictions reflect those he made a year ago, there are several new ones worthy of discussion as 2013 shifts into high gear: 1. Narrowbanding will continue to be an issue, despite the passing of the January 1, 2013 deadline set by the Federal Communications Commission .