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Wireless Technology Aids the Healthcare Industry Far Beyond Obvious Applications

It seems everyone is talking about healthcare. This week, the health insurance exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act went into effect. Many wonder what this means for their individual care plans. Now more than ever, hospitals need to reduce costs and increase efficiency through any means available. Digital wireless technology offers a clear path to improved productivity. Most hospitals are anxious to try new technology. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society found .

Reports Continue to Praise IP Video Surveillance as Force Multiplier

Across the country, the public’s safety remains a top concern of governments and citizen alike. Getting more policing while holding down costs seems to be on a lot of people’s minds. Judging by several recent news accounts, governmental organizations and policing agencies appear to have found a key force multiplier in the form of IP video surveillance. The term is used in several stories describing how video surveillance systems are being used to fight .

Today’s Wireless World Online Magazine Re-Launched with Support from BearCom, Motorola Solutions

Today’s Wireless World, an award-winning magazine focused on the latest innovations in wireless technology for commercial and government applications, has been re-launched online with the help of contributors from BearCom and Motorola Solutions. Both companies will offer their expertise as part of a greatly expanded effort to deliver up-to-date information on two-way radios and other wireless technologies. offers a steady stream of coverage on the uses of two-way radios and related equipment across .