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Industry Solutions: CP200d for Golf Courses

Golf courses need a sturdy, dependable radio that’s just as handy for the groundskeepers trimming the greens as it is for the clubhouse staff serving the steaks. For years, the simplest choice for golf course managers was the CP200 portable two-way radio (walkie-talkie) from Motorola Solutions. A workhorse of business communications worldwide, the CP200 offered a basic, easy-to-learn set of controls and industrial-strength construction. As the wave of digital technology washed over the radio industry .

Industry Solutions: Digital Two-Way Radios in Construction

Rapid advances in mobile devices and wireless networking technology are changing the communications landscape. Companies can install temporary wireless networks and beam Internet connectivity to every nook and cranny of a designated area. That capability comes in especially handy on construction sites, where two-way radios (walkie-talkies) have long been commonplace. Is there still a need for two-way radios in a time when construction professionals can bring their laptops, tablets and smartphones to work and communicate .

Industry Solutions: Analog and Digital Radio Options in Schools

It’s a fact of life in schools these days: Kids text each other on their smartphones when they should be working on their algebra. But if a school has some kind of serious emergency, those phones suddenly become a lifeline for concerned parents. Tap in one number and they can be reassured their children are safe. That works fine until a whole school’s worth of parents tries to call in at the same time, .

For Car Dealerships, the Motorola CP200d is More Than Standard Equipment

Car dealerships cover a lot of ground. New and used cars and trucks along with service bays and the showrooms can sprawl over dozens of acres. It’s not like co-workers are within shouting distance. That’s why two-way radios are such a popular choice for car dealerships. Dealers know exactly how much coverage they need, and they can choose radios designed specifically for their needs. Phones are fine for contacting somebody at a desk, but .

How Motorola Solutions Improved on Its Most Popular Radio By Releasing the CP200d

The CP200 two-way radio from Motorola Solutions has been the company’s most popular radio for more than a decade. It’s an economical, industrial-strength portable radio with 16 channels, 4 to 5 watts of power and dust/water resistance. With few bells and whistles, the CP200 is easy to use and requires little training. About the only thing missing is digital capability — and Motorola closed that gap last year by introducing the CP200d, a digital/analog .

Security Industry Improves Coordination and Safety by Employing a Range of Wireless Technologies

Security is big business in America, with estimated annual revenues of $350 billion. The federal government alone spends nearly $70 billion a year on homeland security. Despite those big dollar figures, security organizations are always looking for force multipliers, and many turn to wireless technology. Wireless equipment and devices have a long track record as effective force multipliers. They also deliver discretion, mobility, and improved coordination—all key issues for an industry that continues to .

Two-Way Radios Play a Role as Construction Industry Builds Momentum

The construction industry is on a roll, according to experts who project construction starts will be up 9% this year, on top of last year’s 5% gain. The biggest increases in activity will be in single-family housing, commercial building, and multifamily housing. Getting all that construction work done as efficiently and safely as possible will take top-floor communications capabilities, and that’s where two-way radios come in. Two-way radios have long been popular tools on .

New Analog-to-Digital Migration Guide Helps Users Take Advantage of the Latest Technologies

All around us, the wireless world is going digital. But organizations have questions about this breakthrough technology. To provide them with answers, BearCom and Motorola Solutions teamed up to create our Analog-to-Digital Migration Guide: “Five Reasons to Migrate to Digital Two-Way Radios.” “A ‘smart’ revolution is transforming two-way radios,” the guide begins. “Digital technology is opening the door to a host of useful web-based applications for two-way radios, even as it enhances capacity, coverage, .

BearCom’s 2013 Marked by New Products, Operations Center, Maintenance Plans, and the Motorola CP200d

This first day of the new year seems like the perfect time to look back at all that happened at BearCom during 2013, a year that brought new products and solutions, an award for our BC130 two-way radio, a revamped online magazine, and a potential game changer from Motorola Solutions. It was just last month that we announced the opening of the BearCom Network Operations Center (NOC), which can monitor customers’ Motorola MOTOTRBO systems .

Pilgrims’ Progress: The Second Thanksgiving and the Motorola CP200d

Last year at this time, we told you how wireless technology saved the first Thanksgiving, improving communications and making for a festive celebration for the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians in 1621. Historians are just now learning about the struggles the new settlers faced in their second year in the New World, and how they were solved by digital two-way radios. Around turkey-laden tables across the nation, many families each year recall the now-familiar .