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Huffington Post Tech Explores the Internet of Things with Help from BearCom

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a topic that continues to garner media attention by the terabyte. Now the IoT is moving beyond the trade journals and industry blogs to find a place in more mainstream publications. The Huffington Post recently took a look at the IoT, and it reached out to BearCom for some perspective. Business at the Dawn of the Internet of Things by Huffington Post contributor James Moore makes the point .

As the BearCom Bulletin Marks Three Years, We Look Back at Our Most Popular Posts

Three years ago this month, we started this blog, the BearCom Bulletin, to keep you updated on the news coming from BearCom, our partners, and the whole wireless world. In my very first post, I said, “Over the coming weeks and months, it is our intention to use this space to inform, educate, advocate, challenge, and salute. We hope to do so in a way that will enlighten and, at least occasionally, entertain you.” That .

BearCom’s 2014 Wireless Products, Services & Solutions Guide Heading to Customers Soon

Some companies publish catalogs filled with little more than pretty pictures and glowing product descriptions. Not BearCom. Our 2014 Wireless Products, Services & Solutions Guide, which is headed to customers early next week, is filled with detailed information about BearCom’s capabilities and scope, as well as updates on the latest innovations in wireless technology. “In this issue, we explore how digital technology is transforming two-way radios,” said BearCom’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kent Huffman, who .

For Los Angeles River Path, Council Member Puts Out a Call for Remote Call Boxes to Keep People Safer

Sure, almost everyone has a smartphone these days, but the little jewels don’t work everywhere all the time, and there are times when we don’t carry them. Fortunately, other wireless technologies fill those voids. One of them is remote call boxes, which will be used to keep people in Southern California safe as they enjoy the outdoors. The Los Angeles River biking and walking path is a busy place. All day and night, riders .

Cell Phones or Two-Way Radios: Which Is Right for My Business? (Part Four)

Part Three Almost any discussion of cell phones eventually turns to apps. This smartphone platform has these cool applications and that platform has these others. Many people don’t realize that two-way radios have apps as well, and their growth is being fueled by the same third-party ingenuity that gave us Angry Birds. In this final installment of our comparison of cell phones and two-way radios, we’ll look at applications and that most paramount of .

Cell Phones or Two-Way Radios: Which Is Right for My Business? (Part Three)

Part Two When companies weigh the relative merits of cell phones and two-way radios, there’s one group that has to stay top of mind: the users. These are the people actually using the equipment, after all. This series of articles has examined communications philosophy, urgency, coverage, reliability, and security. Now we turn our discussion of cell phones and two-way radios to users’ concerns, which center on durability and ease of use. How many people .

Are You Ready for the Nextel Network Shutdown Now Just Days Away?

They said it, we said it, now we’ll say it again: The shutdown of the Nextel National Network is happening at the end of this month. Are you ready with another wireless communication solution to replace Nextel push-to-talk phones? We’ve known for years that the Nextel National Network, which is based on iDEN technology inadequate to meet the data needs of modern smartphones, was on its way out. Sprint, which now owns the network, .

91-Year-Old Motorola Solutions Employee Says that “Innovation Has Kept Me Interested”

We have plenty of people at BearCom with decades of experience in two-way radios and other wireless products and solutions, but no one here can match the longevity of Chester Matusek. At 91, Chester is perhaps the oldest and longest-tenured employee of Motorola Solutions. The Algonquin, Illinois, resident is a metal mold maker who has worked on some of Motorola’s most famous products, including the first DynaTAC cell phone. “At the metal shop, we .

BearCom Issues White Paper Exploring Options for Businesses as Nextel Network Shuts Down

Businesses are always looking for options, and a once-important wireless communications option is going away on June 30, 2013. That’s the date the Nextel National Network is being officially decommissioned. With just two months left, plenty of businesses are considering their options to replace their push-to-talk communications systems; and BearCom has them. Nextel Network Shut Down To highlight the choices available, BearCom this week published a white paper, Considering All the Options for Replacing .

Cell Phones or Two-Way Radios: Which Is Right for My Business? (Part Two)

Which one is Right for your Business Two-Way Radios or Cell Phones? As companies evaluate their wireless communications needs, the discussion often turns to the relative merits of cell phones and two-way radios. Today, we’re continuing our own review of the points of comparison generally used when evaluating the two technologies. The first post in this series explored overall communications philosophy and urgency. As we turn to questions of coverage, reliability, and security, we .