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BearCom Scholars 2018

We are pleased to announce that through the generosity of Jerry Denham, Executive Chairman and Brent Bisnar, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder this rewarding program has been extended through the year 2023! This scholastic program recognizes deserving employees’ children who demonstrate scholastic ability, character, diversity and plan to continue their education in college or vocational school programs. This program was conceived by Jerry and Brent as a way to give back to those BearCom .

Radio Options Expanding in Colorado, Ohio, Kentucky

Business radio customers across the Rocky Mountain region are about to have more options to choose from thanks to BearCom’s recent acquisition of Frontier Radio Communications, which is based in Denver and Colorado Springs. Frontier Radio has been in business since 1988, serving thousands of two-way radio customersin industry, manufacturing, hospitality, education, hospitals and public safety. Key clients include major ski resorts, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and the city of Aurora, the .

BearCom Services: Repairs and Field Service

There are no loopholes in Murphy’s Law when it comes to two-way radio networks. A construction worker drops a handheld radio, then kicks it down two flights of stairs. Lightning strikes a radio antenna tower and turns a base station into a brick. Just about anything bad that can happen to your radio gear will happen no matter how careful you are. That’s why BearCom has one of the most extensive repair and field-service .

BearCom Services: Service Level Agreements

Once you’ve invested in a two-way radio network for your business, you need a way to contain the costs that accompany an equipment purchase. Paying for parts and hiring technicians to repair radios, repeaters and base stations might not be a big deal if your business owns a small network that is not mission-critical to your business. But the larger your radio fleet is — and the more deeply it is integrated into your .

BearCom Services: Managed Services

The bigger a two-way radio network gets, the harder it becomes to keep everything up and running at peak efficiency. A sophisticated two-way radio network contains a web of radios, repeaters and transmitters that might connect hundreds of two-way radios. As more radio owners switch to digital transmissions, they are adding their radio networks to their Internet protocol, or IP, networks. That, in turn, integrates their digital transmissions into their wider IT infrastructure. As .

BearCom Services: Preventive Maintenance Plans

BearCom’s preventive maintenance plans are designed to reduce the likelihood of your two-way radio network failing when you need it most. These plans have four key benefits Keeping equipment in top condition Extending service life and saving money Ensuring your fleet is operating within manufacturer specs and remaining compliant with FCC regulations Reducing uncertainty and removing the guesswork Let’s look at these benefits in a bit more detail. Keeping equipment in top condition We .

BearCom Services: Extended Warranties

There’s a force in the universe that we do not truly understand which seems to cause manufactured goods to malfunction at the most inconvenient time after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. That’s why BearCom offers warranties for up to three years beyond the factory warranties. Respected two-way radio manufacturers will pay the cost of repairing defects that crept in on the assembly line, within limits. And no matter how hard these companies try to minimize .

BearCom Services: Installation and Systems Deployment

Acquiring a sophisticated communications network is not like buying a radio at your local big-box retailer. It requires patience, preparation and perseverance on your end and exacting attention to detail on ours to make sure you get the best return on your two-way radio investment. Your network will have multiple components — radios, repeaters, cabling, headsets, antennas — that have to be special-ordered from multiple manufacturers, tested on our site, installed on your site .

BearCom Services: Consulting and Customization

It’s one thing to see the folks at your favorite fast-casual restaurant using radios to speed orders from the kitchen to your table. You realize, “yeah, that’s exactly why we need radios for our staff.” It’s quite another to confront the logistics of installing a two-way radio network in your workplace. All of asudden you have to worry about: Specific radio models — analog or digital, portable or mobile units Coverage range — how .

Huffington Post Tech Explores the Internet of Things with Help from BearCom

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a topic that continues to garner media attention by the terabyte. Now the IoT is moving beyond the trade journals and industry blogs to find a place in more mainstream publications. The Huffington Post recently took a look at the IoT, and it reached out to BearCom for some perspective. Business at the Dawn of the Internet of Things by Huffington Post contributor James Moore makes the point .