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BearCom’s Nationwide Branch Network: Four Benefits for Customers

By now, people all across the wireless industry know BearCom is different. We’re the only dealer and integrator of wireless communications equipment with a nationwide presence. Our network of 26 branch locations across the country is unique in the industry. But what specifically does the BearCom branch network do for customers? “Many of our customers offer their services nationally,” said BearCom Executive Vice President Brent Bisnar, who directs our rental operations. “As the only .

BearCom Names Paul Moore Eastern Regional Director and Rick Watson Atlanta Branch General Manager

BearCom has announced that Paul Moore is the company’s new Eastern Regional Director and that Rick Watson will replace Paul as General Manager of our branch office in Atlanta. I met Paul last June, when he spoke to me for our article on the Atlanta branch. In his new role, Paul will be responsible for all the branches in BearCom’s Eastern Region, which stretches from New England to South Florida. Based in Atlanta, he .