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Battery Maintenance Tips

If you own only a few two-way radios and don’t use them all that much, you might not fret about your batteries: Just buy some extras and a charger, and you’re pretty much set. But as your radio fleet gets bigger, you really need to pay attention to your batteries. If your radios number in the dozens, hundreds or even higher, batteries can become a significant cost center. Squeezing the most life out of .

Radio Accessories, Part 5: Surveillance Kits and Speaker Mics

Last of five parts A surveillance kit has to be quiet; a speaker mic has to be loud. That’s the only fundamental difference between these essential two-way radio accessories. Everything else is a matter of subtle differences in features and capabilities. Let’s take a look at each in more detail. Surveillance kits It’s true that spies, secret service agents and police officers on stakeout all use surveillance kits, which are optimized to allow wireless .

Radio Accessories, Part 4: Belt Clips, Holsters, and Carry Cases

Fourth of five parts Two-way radio manufacturers usually provide a basic clip to attach their radios to a belt, but users often find they need more options: clips that attach in different ways and holsters or carry cases to provide extra protection and make the radio more comfortable to hold in the user’s hand. Let’s take a look at each of these kinds of accessories: Belt clips There’s more variety to clips than you .

Radio Accessories, Part 3: Antennas

Third of five parts For all the complex electronics inside a two-way radio, arguably the most important component is the antenna, which transmits and captures radio waves. Portable radios come from the factory with an antenna that has been tuned precisely to meet the needs of the radio it’s attached to. So why would you need an accessory antenna? A couple scenarios spring to mind: Broken and scratched — To operate at peak efficiency, .

Radio Accessories, Part 2: Headsets and Earpieces

Second of five parts Being able to hold a two-way radio in your hand goes from awesome to annoying the minute you start doing a chore that requires free use of your hands. That’s why earpieces and headsets are such popular accessories for two-way radio users. They set the hands free. A great way to explore these accessories is to walk through the features of an existing model. For instance, Motorola Solutions makes a .

Radio Accessories, Part 1: Batteries and Chargers

First of five parts Radio manufacturers usually provide basic batteries and chargers, which do a fine job as long as the radios don’t get a lot of use. Active users of two-way radios, however, soon find they need more charging capacity and more versatile, longer-lasting batteries. Fortunately, radio manufacturers and several aftermarket companies offer plenty of ways to turbocharge your power capacity. Chargers A single charger can restore the battery of a single radio, .

Two-Way Radio Rentals: What Accessories Do You Need?

Fourth in a series So you’ve picked out the radios you want to rent for your annual arts and crafts fair, but you’re not done yet. You still have to decide on the two-way radio accessories: batteries and chargers, earpieces and headsets, speaker microphones, and perhaps even surveillance kits for your security crew. Every radio brand makes a host of accessories for specific radios. Typically, if you can rent the radio you can rent .

BearCom Participating in Special Promotion on Motorola CLS and CLP Series Two-Way Radios

Are you part of a retail, grocery, hospitality, security, or healthcare organization considering adding two-way radio to your communications capabilities? Would you like to add to your existing radio fleet? BearCom is participating in a Motorola Solutions promotion that rewards purchases of six CLS or CLP Series radios with a free seventh radio or free radio accessories. Motorola CLS Series Two-Way Radios Motorola CLS Series two-way radios are simple, rugged, and reliable, with intuitive .

Security Industry Improves Coordination and Safety by Employing a Range of Wireless Technologies

Security is big business in America, with estimated annual revenues of $350 billion. The federal government alone spends nearly $70 billion a year on homeland security. Despite those big dollar figures, security organizations are always looking for force multipliers, and many turn to wireless technology. Wireless equipment and devices have a long track record as effective force multipliers. They also deliver discretion, mobility, and improved coordination—all key issues for an industry that continues to .

Two-Way Radios Play a Role as Construction Industry Builds Momentum

The construction industry is on a roll, according to experts who project construction starts will be up 9% this year, on top of last year’s 5% gain. The biggest increases in activity will be in single-family housing, commercial building, and multifamily housing. Getting all that construction work done as efficiently and safely as possible will take top-floor communications capabilities, and that’s where two-way radios come in. Two-way radios have long been popular tools on .