Bi-Directional Amplifiers & Distributed Antenna Systems

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) are signal boosters that sustain two-way radio communications throughout a facility – including in stairwells, underground tunnels, parking garages, and other challenging areas. BDAs are amplifiers/repeaters available in a variety of gain and power options – they boost and distribute a signal covering various frequencies.BDAs can be part of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS), which is a network of separate antenna nodes connected to a common transport medium. Collectively, BDA / DAS equipment is often referred to as wireless In-Building Solutions.

These two-way radio signal boosters are used to bring facilities into compliance with Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) code. ERRC code is the standards which apply to Public Safety DAS and radio enhancement systems as mandated under International Fire Code IFC-510 and the National Fire Protection Association standards NFPA 72, Chapter 24.

BearCom can help with any two-way radio Public Safety BDA needs

There are two types of bi-directional amplifiers, one for two-way radios and another for cellular phones. There is a big difference between public safety bi-directional amps for two-way radio systems and a BDA intended for cellular phone usage, and they cannot be interchanged.

For two-way radio systems, BearCom provides a variety of bi-directional amplifier and distributed antenna systems to extend coverage range. Nearly every DAS / BDA solution is custom-designed for each unique environment. Variables such as building materials, dead spots, and signal interference offer specific challenges and BearCom has extensive experience deploying in-building wireless systems to meet nearly any operating conditions.

BearCom offers end-to- end BDA and DAS solutions

  • Free consultation and evaluation – we solve coverage challenges
  • Custom design services – we develop the right solution for you
  • Code compliance – our deep expertise provides added peace-of- mind
  • Infrastructure and installation assistance – we deliver whatever you need
  • Unmatched experience – as the world’s largest two-way radio dealer, we draw on past, proven deployments to ensure success

How BDA and DAS Systems Benefit Day-to- Day Operations

Installing Bi-Directional Amplifiers and Distributed Antennas is not only beneficial for first responders in emergency situations, they are also important communication tools that improve productivity and safety for work teams such as maintenance, engineering, operations, and security.

Who Needs BDAs?

Many localities now require Public Safety DAS and BDA installations within new buildings, and as part of renovation permits or inspection certifications. DAS and BDA systems provide enormous benefits for first responders to maintain constant communications in emergency situations, or to improve collaboration during normal operations for building management and maintenance.

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