BearCom Named to Motorola Solutions’ Empower Circle for Best-in-Class Partners

BearCom takes special pride in the relationship we enjoy with Motorola Solutions, so it was especially rewarding when our largest partner named BearCom to its Empower Circle. The industry leader in two-way radios this year designated 101 companies for the Empower Circle, which recognizes Motorola’s best-in-class partners around the world.

Representatives from Motorola and executives with the Empower Circle partners are set to meet soon for five days. While they are to discuss how everyone involved can grow their businesses, the gathering is primarily an opportunity to bring everyone together, share lessons, and celebrate achievements. Morning business meetings will be followed by various activities, luncheons, and evening events. There will be a golf tournament as well as a farewell event on the last evening.

The Empower Circle announcement was made at the recent Motorola Channel Partner Expo, an annual conference that brings together thousands of professionals from Motorola Solutions’ North American dealers for two days of presentations about the latest Motorola products and applications.

On the strength of our experience, technical expertise, and nationwide branch network, BearCom remains the top-volume Motorola dealer in the world. We carry an extensive line of Motorola two-way radios—portables, mobiles, and base units—as well as repeaters. Motorola manufactures the BearCom-branded Motorola BC130, which has won acclaim for its quality and utility. BearCom has been designated a Motorola Service Elite Specialist. And the entire BearCom fleet of two-way rental radios—nearly 20,000 of them—carry the Motorola logo.

The two companies partner in numerous other ways, including their co-sponsorships of a charity golf tournament and an online magazine focused on wireless technology. In just two years, the AUSA Wounded Warrior Golf Classic has raised nearly $100,000 for two charities that assist wounded warriors and their families in North Texas. The online magazine,, is steadily growing its readership on the strength of news and feature articles on the applications for wireless technologies across a range of industries.

Motorola and BearCom have been together since BearCom’s beginnings in 1981, when two young men, Jerry Denham and Alyxander Bear, bought 40 Motorola HT90 two-way radios with plans to rent them to organizations staging public events. Two years later, they were providing radios and staffing to the Long Beach Grand Prix, and BearCom was, as they say, off to the races.

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