BearCom’s Nationwide Branch Network: Four Benefits for Customers

By now, people all across the wireless industry know BearCom is different. We’re the only dealer and integrator of wireless communications equipment with a nationwide presence. Our network of 26 branch locations across the country is unique in the industry. But what specifically does the BearCom branch network do for customers?

“Many of our customers offer their services nationally,” said BearCom Executive Vice President Brent Bisnar, who directs our rental operations. “As the only supplier with nationwide points of presence, we have the ability to service customers wherever they happen to be. So if an Orlando customer is traveling to Las Vegas, we have a local presence.”

So how exactly does the nationwide branch network help customers, especially those looking to us for two-way radio rentals? What capabilities does it give BearCom?

1. The ability to deliver and pick up locally. If you were organizing a large number of volunteers at a major event, who would you rather see: a delivery guy in a brown truck or someone from your two-way radio provider with access to additional equipment and the know-how to solve problems?

2. Familiarity with local facilities. Large-scale events can only be held in a finite number of venues. And when you’re BearCom, you seen plenty of them over and over again. So if a hotel has areas where reception is an issue, someone in the local BearCom branch knows that and can address the issue.

3. FCC licensing for the area. This seems obvious, sure, but no one wants to deal with licensing issues. Customers can always be confident that BearCom has licensing covered.

4. Local support. If there’s any kind of challenge, addition, or change to an order, customers want to know their provider can handle it. The guy in the brown truck? He’s gone. BearCom has experts available across our branch network. Some branches even have their own repeater infrastructure in place to provide enhanced coverage.

It’s hard to overstate the value of local people. Last year I talked with BearCom’s Paul Moore and asked him for a piece of customer feedback that stuck with him. I still remember what he said: “It’s been very rewarding to hear customers say that part of the BearCom Atlanta appeal is that we are local, and we have the resources and buying power of a large, national-scale company with powerful brand names, yet we perform at a professional level and deliver superior products, customer service, and communication solutions with a personalized, small-company feel.”

There you go. Local pickup and delivery. Familiarity with local venues. FCC licensing. Local support. That’s what the BearCom branch network does for customers.

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